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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

Kate flops him down on the bed, where he lies motionless for a moment. Then he tells Kate she's beautiful. She ignores him as she takes off his boots and socks, and he slurs, sitting up slightly, that he just paid her a compliment. "Yeah, I heard you," she says. As she moves to cover him with the blanket, he says, looking a little less drunk and a little more menacing, "Aren't you gonna take my pants off first?" She just pushes him back down on the bed, and he practically passes out. But as she leans in closer, he grips her forearm. "You are beautiful," he leers, his eyes flinty. She glares slightly, shakes her arm free, and tells him goodnight. But again, he's almost already unconscious.

She heads outside, gets on her motorcycle, pauses a moment, and drives off. Moments later, the house blows up. Now, the Television Without Pity rating system is by no means perfect, but I will say this: If you blow up a house for me within the first five minutes, you're starting with a baseline A. It's an A-plus if someone has to jump out of the way and yell, "Nooooooooo!" but the only one anywhere in the vicinity is Kate, and it ain't like she didn't know the explosion was coming (and it ain't like she didn't want it to happen, either). I will say this, though. If Kate killed this guy by turning on the gas, why exactly was she screwing around with a lighter on the porch? Little suicidal herself? Or just a moron? And what exactly triggered the explosion itself?

The little bell above the door dingles as Kate enters the diner, picks a stool, and slings off her backpack. The woman behind the counter comes over, asks if she wants coffee, pie, or both -- this is the same woman Kate visited in the hospital, so we already know it's her mother. Kate suggests a beer instead, and Ma asks for some ID. Kate rolls her eyes and reminds her mother that she's twenty-four. Ma says that if Kate wants to "roll around on that death trap" of hers without a helmet, she's not going to help Kate's cause by getting her drunk. Kate's rubbing her temples, because already her mother's annoying her.

Kate's mom pours the coffee, displaying a large black bandage on her left wrist. Kate asks how her mom's wrist is, and Mom gives her a casual over-explanation, about a shelf in the kitchen that sticks out too much. And a suddenly red-eyed Kate says, "Don't." Mom glances around the diner, before turning back to Kate and saying, "I made my bed, Katherine." "Well, your bed's gone, Ma," says Kate, who hands her mom an insurance policy she took out on the house. Ma doesn't quite get it yet. "What did you do?" she says, smiling. "Does Wayne know about this?" Kate gathers up her backpack and tells her mom to just remember that she was working all night and didn't see Kate. Ma's concerned now, and asks again what Kate did, this time with an urgency that indicates she's realized it might not be the nicest thing in the world. "I took care of you, Ma," says Kate, who adds that she's gotta go, and her mom's not going to see her for a while. She leans in for a hug, and then leaves the diner, while Ma shouts after her, "Katherine! What did you do?" And there are plenty of witnesses, like WAY TO BLOW THE COVER STORY, Ma.

Back in the hatch, Jack's tending to Sawyer when Kate comes in. He notes her looking less than chipper and asks if she's okay. She says she's just tired. She asks how Sawyer's doing. "Fever's still up there," says Jack, adding that he can't tell if the antibiotics are working, but getting some food in him will help. Then he suggests that Kate go down to the beach, "for Shannon." She says she should stay with Sawyer. Jack says he'll stay with Sawyer, when we all know he just doesn't want Sawyer muttering declarations of love directly to Kate. Kate insists, though, and Jack doesn't fight her too much. He tells her to keep Sawyer hydrated and to maybe mash up some of the fruit and try getting him to eat some. And since everyone's going to be at the beach (it's the social event of the season, apparently), Kate needs to remember the whole button thing, and she's all, check.

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