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Kate Does What She Does When She Does
sionwithoutpity.com/show/buffy_the_vampire_slayer/wrecked.php">Rack/Kralik (Jeff Kober). After she holds him at gunpoint and demands a tire hammer to remove her cuffs, he talks her into playing nice with him, so he can use his far more practical-for-the-job punch press. Kate offers him $200 and he looks at her like she tastes of strawberries. After she's free he asks her why she was wearing the bracelets -- and she tells the truth! "I'm wanted for murder." And call me crazy, but right here, right now, I'm calling it: in this reality, Kate is not guilty of the murder of which she's accused. Regardless, Rack Kralik doesn't sweat that, because Kate's just a pretty girl. He directs her to the bathroom so she can change her clothing. I wouldn't undress if I knew that man was in the same city, but Kate doesn't even shut the door. Instead, she takes off her jacket, opens the luggage and finds a Polaroid of Claire (with her cute pregnant belly) and all the adorable little baby things (like Pooh wash cloths) Claire packed. Kate seems to almost make a connection to the other reality in which she was one of Aaron's mommies, particularly when she finds the stuffed toy whale that Aaron had in "Something Nice Back Home." Doo doo doo doo. She runs her hands through her hair and stares in the mirror, looking for all the world like she's trying to remember something.

Island Reality; Temple: Aldo yips at Kate that she better not slow them down. Apparently he and another Templar -- Justin (Dayo Ade) are accompanying Kate and Jin on Sawyer-Quest. As Aldo Nova walks off, Kate grumbles that he'd better not slow her down. I can't decide if Jin is amused, annoyed, or both. Now it's time for Jack and Kate to have A Moment. So they do. Jack would go with her if Sawyer wouldn't kill him, but he would, so he's not. Kate will look after James while Jack looks after Sayid. There are meaningful glances, hopeful looks, tentative touches and a kiss that never happens, but feels like it should. Jack looks her in the eyes. "Be careful." She takes her leave, and Jack doesn't cry.

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