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Kate Does What She Does When She Does

Temple; Unholy of Unholies: Yoko has Sayid in the back room on a torture table. He blows some sort of dust (ash?) across Sayid's torso, inserts electrical wires under his skin and hooks him up to a machine that everyone has compared to the contraption in The Princess Bride. Yoko turns the crank for a bit, then flips a switch, and the electricity shoots through Sayid, who had already offered to tell Yoko anything he wants to know. The only problem is, Yoko never asks him a question. It's hard to feel too badly for Sayid when he's getting a taste of his own medicine, but Naveen Andrews brings out my tender side. When the electric shocks stop, Sayid weeps. "Why are you doing this?" Yoko doesn't answer. Instead, he takes a fireplace poker, heats it in flame, and as Sayid tries to tell him that he doesn't have any secrets, Yoko brands Sayid's belly. Sayid screams and cries in pain. Yoko says something to Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, and then walks away from Sayid. Lennon goes to Sayid's side, apologizes to him, and says the whole exercise was a test and he passed. After Sayid is taken from the room, Lennon turns to Yoko. "I just lied to him, didn't I?" Yoko says, "Yes." Commercial.

L.A. Reality: Kate, still driving the stolen cab, finds Claire -- in L.A., mind you -- with no problem at all. She parks the cab and talks to Claire like they're sisters who just had a tiff, rather than perp and victim. As I mentioned earlier, in this reality, Claire has persistent, pervasive imbecility -- so she spills all her pertinent deets to Kate. She's going to Langdon Street, in Brentwood, to meet the Baskums, who are going to adopt her baby, and who must have gotten their days mixed up, because they failed to meet her at the airport, but there's no way they've abandoned her, or anything -- no sir. Claire then takes a ride. From Kate. Who hijacked her cab, less than an hour ago. And has a gun. And was wearing handcuffs until just recently.

Island Reality; Jungle: While hunting a scwewy Sawyer, Aldo Nova tells Kate that the Templars want the Losties to stay at the Temple for their own protection. Kate says, "From what?" And Aldo actually gives her a meaningful answer. I mean, I can't guarantee its truthfulness, but here -- you decide: "Ever see a big pillar of black smoke? Makes a ticka-ticka sound? Looks pissed off?" Kate stops dead in her tracks. "Yes." Aldo says "From that." Since he's being relatively forthcoming for any brand of Other, Jin asks if he knows anything about the Ajira flight, so Aldo reverts to type. "Is this a press conference?" Justin pipes up: "I think he means the one that landed..." Aldo cuts him off. Shut up, Aldo. If you're no longer in the mood to talk, we'd love to hear what Justin has to say. Next, Kate points out that they're about to follow a dummy trail. This seems to piss off Aldo, so he asks Kate what her strategy is for bringing back her "boyfriend" -- who, by the way, shot a guy on his way out of the Temple. "If he tries that on me, I'm going to blow his head off." Just then, Justin stops Kate from triggering a trap. Jin notes it looks like one of Rousseau's as they spot the large net full of rocks hanging from a tree, above. Justin pooh-poohs that. "The French woman? She's been dead for years. This couldn't be one of her..." Aldo shuts him up again. I hope Kate kills Aldo, soon. Right now though, she's just (forcefully) asking him what Justin was going to say. Aldo changes the subject. "You don't even remember me, do you? You don't recognize me? Well, maybe this will jog your memory. Three years ago, you staged yourself a little prison break, and you did it by knocking the guard out with the butt of your rifle. That? Would be me." This time, Kate knocks him out with only the help of her canteen. And when Justin dives for her, she uses that same canteen to trigger the Rousseauian-rock booby trap which sends Justin flying. Kate grabs their guns and hands one to Jin who wants to know what she's doing. Kate says, "Escaping." Duh.

Island Reality; Temple: The Plastic Ono Band brings a suffering Sayid back to the Murky Mikvah Mezzanine. Hurley, Miles and Jack check on Sayid as he tells his friends that Lennon and Yoko tortured him, even though they didn't ask him any questions. Jack marches off to the Unholy of Unholies to have a Come-to-Jesus meeting with Yoko. Lennon tries to make small talk, but Jack wants to know what they did to Sayid. Lennon denies they did anything to him and says Sayid is sick. Jack wants to know with what. Lennon interprets -- or tries to. The closest English he can find to whatever it is Yoko just said is "infected." I'm assuming they're worried about the same kind of infection that got Danielle Rousseau's crew, years ago -- and yet, there's this idea I have that just won't crystalize.

Anyhow, Jack points out that Sayid doesn't even have a fever. When Yoko chuckles, Jack walks up to him. "Did I say something funny?" What are the odds, Jack, honestly? Lennon agrees. "I doubt it. [Yoko] doesn't really have a sense of humor." Yoko finishes his mortar and pestle work, and wraps a little green capsule in a piece of white paper and presents it to Jack. Lennon interprets: Jack must give the pill to Sayid. Jack suggests they do their own dirty work. Lennon says, "It only works if he takes it willingly and he won't take it willingly from us." Ya think? Jack suggests they should have tried before they tortured Sayid. Lennon lies again that they didn't torture Sayid. "We were diagnosing him." So like mammography, huh? Doesn't matter. Jack won't give anything to Sayid unless/until he knows what it is. Yoko asks Jack how his friend got shot in the first place. Jack explains Sayid was helping him. Yoko says, "So, it was your fault." Jack's face crumples a little, but he still doesn't cry. "Yes." Oh come on, Jack. Don't break your tear-free streak, now. Besides, you already admitted your feelings of guilt to these tools in last week's episode. When the tears come, ('cause honey, we know they will) let it be over something new (and yes, that rules out Kate, several times). Yoko kneads Jack's guilt a little more -- asking/pointing out that others have been hurt or killed while helping him. Jack nods and squints, but the camera cuts away before I can see if tears are forming. Yoko suggests his little green pill is Jack's chance at redemption. "It's medicine and your friend needs it." Jack asks what happens if Sayid doesn't get it. Yoko says, "The infection will spread."

Murky Mikvah Mezzanine: While Miles asks Sayid about such trivialities as the nature of death from the other side, Hurley gets down to brass tacks. "You're not a zombie, right?" Sayid says he's not, and also tells Miles that all he can remember is being shot. Just then, Jack comes back with the little green pill and asks Miles and Hurley if they'll allow him a moment alone with Sayid. Hurley rises. "Yeah, see, private talks kinda freak me out, because they usually lead to me having to do something I don't quite understand." Jack laughs. "I'm right there with ya." Wait, did he just chuckle and wisecrack? My world is askew. Miles leads Hurley off ("We'll be in the food court, if you need us..." heh) so Jack can push the little green pill on Sayid. Jack takes a swig from his canteen and offers it to Sayid who has finally had enough water. The guys compare stories: diagnosis and infection versus a passed test. Jack shows Sayid the pill and says the Templars claim it's medicine, but he just doesn't know if that's true. He does make it clear that it was the Templars, not Jack, who saved Sayid's life. Sayid says, "I don't care who fixed me. I only care about who I trust, so if you want to me to take that pill, Jack,

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