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Kate Does What She Does When She Does

Temple; Unholy of Unholies: Jack comes back for more one-on-one time with Yoko, who is sitting at his desk, spinning a baseball. Jack asks "What's that?" Yoko says, "It's baseball." Am I hallucinating? Whatever. They chuckle and Jack takes a seat and says, "You speak pretty good English for someone who needs a translator." Hey, I don't write his lines. Yoko says they both know he doesn't need a translator. He uses one because, "I have to remain separate from the people I'm in charge of. It makes it easier when they don't like the decisions I make for them." I read something interesting -- on the boards here, probably. It was a few days ago, so I'm undoubtedly adulterating it and possibly expanding upon it. With that disclaimer, I'll note that it's interesting to me that when Yoko is speaking to Hurley (whose family speaks Spanish), Yoko claims he doesn't like the way English tastes on his tongue. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure the original poster connected taste-to-eating-to-Hurley. I like my language connection, better. Anyhow, to Jack -- Yoko speaks of leadership. With Sayid, he talks of passing tests and uses torture. With Jack, he twirls a baseball and talks of diagnoses and medicine.

Jack asks, "Who are you?" Yoko says, "My name is Dogen." Bah. Jack wonders if he was born on Craphole. Yoko says he was brought there, "Like everyone else." Jack asks what "brought here" means. Yoko says, "You know exactly what I mean." He then asks Jack why he didn't give Sayid the pill. Jack has risen now; his back is to his captor-protector-tormentor: "Because I don't know what's in it." Yoko starts to blow smoke up Jack's ass about it eliminating the infection. Jack gets that, "But what's in it?" Yoko says he can't explain. There's not enough time. "He'll die." Jack points out that Sayid already died. Dogen says Jack will just have to trust him. Jack replies, "I don't trust myself. How am I supposed to trust you?" Whether it's meant to be, or not, to me, that's quite a redemptive moment for Jack, in my eyes. I'm proud of him and I can like him again, without being embarrassed about it. But wait, it gets better. Jack holds up the pill in front of him and tells Dogen, "Let's see where trust gets us." Then he licks his lips and swallows that mother down, dry. That's the little boy who got beat up sticking up for a friend -- before his father filled his head with defeatist garbage. That's the man who saved countless lives in the immediate aftermath of the crash. That's the Jack he ought to be. Dogen feels differently, though. He charges at Jack and hits him right in the gut. He then hits him on the back as well, knees him, and Heimlichs him until Jack coughs up the pill. Dogen retrieves it as Jack gasps for breath and asks, "Now...are you gonna tell me...what's in it?" Dogen sighs. "Poison." Okay, maybe he shouldn't be quite that headstrong, but dammit, it was good to see him with some stones, again. Commercial.

L.A. Reality; Angel of Mercy; OB Triage Unit: Claire is studying the print out of Aaron's ultrasound, and there's been some controversy about the 10-22-2004 date on the upper right hand corner. Some people think this is the date Claire had the ultrasound taken (i.e. "today's" date in this reality). I reviewed the ultrasound pics for my second and third child, and the dates on them are the dates on which they were taken. Of course I can't find the print of the oldest child's ultrasounds, which is too bad, because I swear they had his estimated delivery date on them. My point, and I have one, is: I'm with the people who think the date on Aaron's prints is his estimated due date. I think this mostly because the whole motley crew just got off an Oceanic flight from Australia to L.A., so until we hear otherwise, I'm assuming the date on these ultrasounds is Claire's estimated delivery date (about 4 weeks from now), and that "today" in the L.A. Reality is September 22, 2004. Now, back to the story...

Claire is studying the print out of Aaron's ultrasound when Detective Rasmussen (female; played by Tracy Burgard) and Officer Westley (male; unidentified) knock and enter her room. Rasmussen asks Claire if a Miss Hart is there. "Joan Hart? She signed in with you?" Kate listens from another room, like she's Jay Leno, as Claire tells Rasmussen that "Hart" was her driver, who helped her into the hospital. Rasmussen wonders if Claire knows where "Hart" was going next. Claire doesn't, so Rasmussen tells her it's nothing to worry about, and then she and Westley leave. Eagle-eyed viewers have pointed out that Melissa Joan Hart, starred in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, on which Sabrina's aunt, Zelda, was played by Beth Broderick, who also plays Diane Janssen, i.e. Kate Austen's mother. For now, that's more nifty fun fact than important information, but you deserve fun facts, gentle readers. Once the police depart, Kate reveals herself to Claire and thanks her for having her back. Claire thanks Kate -- for um...kidnapping her and stealing her luggage and bag, and returning it, and giving her a ride, and walking her to the Baskum's door, and driving her to the hospital, and holding her hand and being her BFF forever -- or something. Who knows? Claire has gone clear out of her gourd what with the travel, hormones, labor, hijacking, guns, and dual realities. There's no explaining this shite. There's only watching with one's mouth ajar, and accepting that just because one is allegedly a "recapper" doesn't mean one will have any frigging answers to anything. *Serenity now*

Claire asks Kate why she's trying to outrun the long arm of the law. Kate says, "Would you believe me if I said I was innocent." Yeah, yeah I would. I mean, I'm beating myself up even as I say this, but yes, Kate. I would. Claire says the same -- except she doesn't seem to have the same urge for self-harm. Kate says she should go, so persistently, pervasively imbecilic Claire tells Kate to take her credit card. "There's not much of a limit on it, but it's something." Kate tells her she doesn't have to do this. Claire says, "You didn't have to do what you did, either." And then Kate takes the card, because taking is what Kate does. She tells Claire that Aaron is a great name. When Claire says, "I don't know why I said it -- it's like...I don't know...I knew it, or something," Kate tells her, "I think you should keep him." Claire doesn't know what to say to that, so she wishes Kate luck. Kate returns the sentiment, and they part -- the closest of friends.

Island Reality; New Otherton: Kate fills her canteen at a spigot attached to one of the cottages. James walks right past her and into his old home, where he closes the door. She caps her canteen, picks up her backpack and heads off. We cut to...

Island Reality; Temple; Unholy of Unholies: As Dogen prepares tea, Lennon gestures towards Jack and asks his boss: "He swallowed it?" Dogen says, "Yes." He brings the tea to Jack who is naturally suspicious. "What's this?" Lennon says, "Tea." Dogen takes a sip, as does Jack. Then, Jack asks: "Why would you people want to kill Sayid?" Dogen and crew believe Sayid has been "claimed." Dogen explains: "There's a darkness growing in him. Once it reaches his heart, everything your friend once was will be gone." Jack asks how he can be sure. Yoko says, "Because it happened to your sister." The music takes us up and out to...

Jungle: Jin makes his way through the jungle; he stops at a river to take a drink, but stumbles across a complication. The Templars have recovered from their Kate attack, and capture Jin. When Aldo Nova wants to kill Jin, Justin tries to talk him down. Since it's no use, Jin tries to run, but he gets his foot stuck in a trap. Aldo points his gun at Jin and looks ready to shoot, but someone shoots Aldo Nova twice, instead. Next, the shootist takes Justin down. Jin looks up to find his unlikely savior. Is it Kate? Oh hells, no. It's CLAIRE and she's gone all Rousseau! She drops her gun, brushes her hair from her eyes, squints and...fade to black. Bad Robot!

Well, for an episode that feels mostly like a foundational piece, there's an awful lot here, isn't there? First up is Sayid versus the Templars, but to even talk about that, I have to go back much further. The show has always had a thing for black and white, hasn't it? Getting to the guts of it all -- Jacob wears a white shirt and black pants. I expected him to be all in white, and in the time between the season 5 finale and the season 6 premiere, I misremembered him as bein

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