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St. Jacob's Hospital Porch: Roger paces back and forth wondering who he can abuse if wee Ben bites it, while Kate sits on the front stoop, wondering how she can get Jack and Sawyer back. Juliet comes out and gives Roger a status update -- Kate's fresh blood is helping, because she's a survivor, yo. Juliet then gets rid of him by sending him off to get some supplies at the Medical Station. Roger humbly thanks her for doing all he can and gets right to his new chore. Once he's gone, Juliet tells Kate that although Ben's no better, he's stable, but she can't fix him. Kate suggests taking him for treatment on the sub, but it won't be back for a couple of months. "But he can't die, right?" Juliet says he is going to die because his medical situation is "not resolvable." Kate starts brainstorming, but we don't really need our umbrellas for that. Then Juliet realizes maybe there is help right there on the island, in the form of the Others. Commercial.

Kate and Juliet wheel Ben's stretcher into the broad daylight that shines outside St. Jacob's Hospital, and not one single soul in Dharmaville sees them, because the boy who was barely making it while attached to all sorts of medical contraptions in a somewhat sterile environment (if you ignore the fact that both Roger and Kate were pretty filthy, and not in the fun way, thank goodness, when they were inside the O.R.) is ready to take a ride through the bumpy jungle in a VW Bus, which has about the amount of shock absorbency you'd expect. Juliet wants to accompany Kate, but Kate says, "If something goes wrong or we get caught, it doesn't matter for me, but you've got a whole life here." Is she trying that If you love something, set it free crap? Nope, because she adds: "And besides, if Sawyer knew that I got you involved in this, he'd kill me." There we go. Kate can manage this caper on her own. She's caper girl. Juliet won't lie to Sawyer for Kate, but she'll give her as much of a head start as she can. Kate drives off and we jump back to the future.

Long Beach Marina Scene To Which I'm Tired of Linking; 2007: Kate carries toddler-Aaron from Sun's car to her own, as Sun holds an adult Ben at gunpoint. He explains that there's someone in L.A. who can help them get back to the island. Kate freaks out on Jack and accuses him of pretending to care about his actual flesh and blood Aaron, as a ruse to get her back to Craphole. She drives off into the night, and Aaron says he's "Firrrrsty and needs some milk." She takes him to a grocery store because there are no McDonald's Drive-Thru's in the great Los Angeles area. I have to note how particularly lovely Kate looks as she and her "son" walk through the store. Aaron, because he's a kid, decides he wants a juice box instead of milk. Not only does Kate not put him in a grocery cart, she then lets go of his hand, which is all I need to see. N00b! The kid is gone. But the show wants to make sure we understand how distracted she is at that moment, so her phone rings. The Caller ID tattles that it's Jack Shephard (323-555-0156), because he's not already enough at fault in Kate's eyes. Kate snaps the phone shut and puts it back in her purse, then realizes she's lost the kid. She hustles through the store looking for him, stopping only to ask an employee if he's seen the boy. When he hasn't, Kate starts to freak. She speeds up to a trot and calls his name loudly. Then stops to ask another employee. My heart is in my throat, my stomach is in knots and the rest of my body parts are trying to remember other clich├ęs as I feel Kate's pain, here. My youngest once disappeared on me in very different circumstances. Thank God we got him back. I'm getting anxious just remembering the whole happily-ending nightmare, so I'm going to cut to the chase here. She finds Aaron walking away with a blonde who, from behind, looks just like Claire. Her pretty, long blonde hair bounces behind her, but it's not the straight-haired Carole Littleton. This woman's hair is curly, just like Claire's. When Aaron turns around, we see who's got him in her clutches. No one! Well, on this show, I suppose I need to point out that there is an actual, physical person holding the tot's hand, but she's just a helpful stranger who was going to ask the store to make an announcement. [Or steal and eat him. We don't know this woman, and Kate seems to have been thinking what I'm thinking. - Z] Kate tries to be grateful as she clutches Aaron tight, but she's ready to collapse. I want to hug her and feed her warm chocolate pudding. The camera lingers on her loveliness for a moment, then we jump to...

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