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The Island; Sonic Fence; 1977: Sawyer plugs the seekrit code into the sonic fence security thingamabob and asks Kate how she ever thought she'd be able to carry a 12 year old boy all the way out to the Others. Kate points out that the "line" is just across the way. Sawyer says, "Well, they ain't right on the other side." They look at Ben, and Sawyer adds that they'd better get moving. Kate wants to know why Sawyer's helping her. "When I found out Ben was gone, and Juliet told me what you were up to, I asked that exact damn question: 'Why are you helping Ben?' and she said no matter what he's gonna grow up to be, it's wrong to let a kid die." He reaches in and gently picks up Ben. "So, that's why I'm doing this." He looks down at the boy who's bleeding through his bandages. "I'm doing it for her." Ooh, burn. I'm not sure I believe him. I mean, I don't think he's lying to Kate, but he might be lying to himself. He's a con artist; it's hard to tell. Kate takes this in as she shuts the bus door, and they walk across the D.M.Z. and to Ben's fate, because whatever happened, happened, y'all.

Dharmaville House Arrest House: Juliet storms in and asks Miles and Hurley where Jack is. Hurley asks if he's in trouble. Hee. Miles says he's in the shower. That doesn't stop Juliet. She's got to hold up her side of the love rectangle. She's so fierce when she asks Hugo and Miles if they'd mind giving them some privacy that they run away like scared little rabbits, even though Miles has a gun. And I say that was a good choice. As they walk out the door, Miles tells Hurley to ask him some more questions about time travel, because he wants to make sure I keep thinking about him, even when he's off screen.

Jack's just getting out of the shower when Juliet busts in on him. He's not particularly shy about his body, so he just stands there all wet and dripping. And nekkid. I go peek in my medicine cabinet, but the wee Jack who lives there is still sound asleep in our box of cotton balls, and fully dressed. Sigh. [You live some bizarre, Indian in the Cupboard type of existence, don't you, Cindy? - Z] TV Juliet tells TV Jack that she needed him, which is one of those things you're probably better off not saying to a naked man, unless you want him to get ideas. Jack's shower must have been on the cool side, because all he says is: "Excuse me?" Juliet whines about how the kid was bleeding out. Jack whines about how "the kid" is their tormentor, Ben Linus. Juliet whines about how he's just a kid. Jack whines that he can't help her. Juliet whines that she's not asking for his help. I whine about the necessity of this scene. So Juliet cuts to the chase. She's just there to be a Cindy tattle-tale. "It's up to Sawyer and Kate now. [...] She's trying to save him, and I sent James after her to help, because they actually care." She doesn't say, FOR EACH OTHER because she's Cleopatra, floating down de Nile, but if you listen closely, you'll hear the SKaters, or is that just more jungle whispering, and which is more menacing, anyhow?

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