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Cassidy asks why Sawyer didn't come back with the rest of the Oceanic 6. Cass, because then they'd have to be the Oceanic 7, which rhymes with 11 and that stands for cool. It would be too confusing, duh. Kate doesn't get all that math stuff, so she explains that Sawyer jumped from Frank's chopper because he's a big damned hero. Cassidy slaps her with the long, cooling fingers of reality. "He was trying to get away from you. I told him he had a daughter. He never so much as lifted a finger to try to call her." (To be fair, Cass, you slapped his ass in prison.) She's not in the mood to be fair. "So now I'm supposed to think he's a hero because he told you to come here and help us? Hell, I bet this money's not even his, is it?" Kate admits that it's part of her own settlement from Oceanic. (Again, to be fair, Sawyer did set up a bank account for the tyke, but I don't think anyone knows about that but us.) Cassidy tells Kate she's just whipped, and then asks her if her son is Sawyer's. Kate tells the truth about Aaron not being Sawyer's baby, while she continues the lie that he's, you know, hers. She claims she was pregnant before she met James. The writers must have a lot in store for us this week, because Cassidy jumps directly to the correct conclusion that Aaron isn't Kate's. "Kate, you just told me that you and your friends cooked a story for the whole world about what happened on that island. So you tell me the truth about that? Why are you lying to me about him?" Kate smiles through the tears she'd surely produce if the DP would just give her 10 seconds longer, and says, "Because I have to." Cassidy's face comes all over with an Oh I Get It look. That makes one of us, girlfriend, and we jump to...

Dharmaville; 1977: Kate walks between the VW Bus-Bomb and the burnt-out cabin on her way to visit Sawyer at work. He's reviewing the Zapruder from the Bus-Bomb incident. Kate knows the child who was shot is their old friend Ben and wants to know if Sayid was the shooter. Sawyer doesn't play well with others and is afraid of her wrecking his groovy new life, so he tells her to make like a tree and leave. Because this is TV, Horace, Phil, Miles and Jin show up just at that moment. Sawyer explains Kate's presence by way of saying that since she's new and works in the motor pool, he wanted to find out if she had seen anything suspicious. Miles and Jin send us secret messages that it's totally safe to play poker with them, and then "LaFleur" dismisses Kate. Wasn't that simple, James? Really, you've got to chill.

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