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And we get down to the real purpose of Kate's participation: forcing the bank manager to let her into safe deposit box 815. It's gotta be significant that the box number is the same as the doomed flight. The bank manager sputters that they need two keys: the bank's and the one that belongs to the bank owner -- which Kate produces. "If you had the customer key, why --" says the manager, but Kate interrupts him to tell him she's not on the signatory card. You'd have thought that might be obvious to the bank manager. Did he win this job in a contest or something?

Bank-Robbin' Boyfriend's on the ground saying that Maggie better kill him, if she set this all up just for a safe-deposit box. "My name's not Maggie," she curtly informs him. And after she pulls the box from its safe, she pauses for a moment before opening it up to find…documents that indicate her father asked for permission to execute her mother? What the hell? Whoops, never mind. Actually, what's inside is an envelope.

But we flash back to the present, where Jack and Kate are safely alone together in the jungle, Jack just about to open the briefcase. He pauses. "Anything you want to tell me?" he says snottily. Well, "fuck off, you sanctimonious asshole" comes to mind, but Kate says nothing. She just watches as he goes through the contents; everything's there she said was there -- the guns, the ammo, the money -- and a large brown envelope marked "Personal Effects." Inside is what looks to be the same envelope as was in the safe deposit box. Jack hands it over to Kate, asking if that's what she was looking for.

She opens it, and inside is -- a toy plane? That's it? If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of thousands of annoyed viewers' heads exploding. But don't worry; I'm sure Kate will explain it to Jack right now.

"What's that?" he asks, and, clearly upset, she says it's nothing. She gets up to leave and he asks again. "You wouldn't understand," she says, and he blocks her exit. "I want the truth. Just this once. What is it?" he says, angrily. "It belonged to the man I loved," she says, and he yells again that he wants the truth, so she ratchets up the volume and yells again that it belonged to the man she loved (and can I just say, to those of you who deduce from this that it's her father, ewwwwwww), and Jack's all yelling at the top of his lungs by this point, "STOP LYING!" and she yells that it belonged to the man she killed. That, finally, shuts Jack up. Only the floodgates are opened up for Kate now, and she starts bawling, and sits down. Jack looks somewhat chastened, but he doesn't say anything. He just leaves, and we watch Kate crying for what feels like about five hours. You know, maybe the way-more-complicated-than-it-needed-to-be bank heist makes a little more sense, in light of Kate's actions this episode. Because how does this sound to everyone: "Hey, Jack, Sawyer's got a briefcase that belonged to the marshal, and it contains a bunch of stuff like guns and money, but there's also a trinket that's of great sentimental importance to me, and I'd really like your help getting it back"? Seems to me like that would have worked just fine.

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