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Okay, none of this makes any sense to me. Why does Kate have to play this part? Her sit-down with the manager was clearly her first visit to the bank, or at least the first time she met with the manager, if we're supposed to believe she flirted with him enough that he already has a thing for her and is only doing this to protect her (which she didn't). I mean, if the holdup crew thought they might run into the Stupidest Bank Manager Ever, wouldn't they prefer to beat up a real customer instead of a member of their own team? All this does is let the police know what one of the gang -- Kate -- looks like. Because when the so-called Miss Ryan disappears, they'll know she was in on it. And if the point was that Kate set this up to get at the safe deposit box, as we'll learn later, could she not have done that just as easily -- and, more important, even more anonymously -- as a masked member of the holdup crew? And shouldn't Kate's telling the bank manager not to give in, as she's posing as a bank customer who's just been beaten up, arouse suspicion in him? Jesus, if I ever get beat up by a thug in the course of the bank robbery, I will be doing everything in my power to convince the bank manager that now might be a good time to OPEN UP THE DAMN VAULT ALREADY.

I mean, I realize there's not a lot of point in poking plot holes through a show like this. It just bugs me when shows ask us to suspend our disbelief on big things when they can't get the little stuff right.

Back to Craphole Island. Jack and Kate are pretty much finished exhuming McCarthy, and pause to take a gagging break. Jack lifts up the practically-already-a-skeleton corpse enough so Kate can grab the wallet out of the back pocket, and they hop out of the grave for some more gagging. Kate opens the wallet to find -- a bunch of maggots? Must be those maggots that feast on leather and credit cards instead of flesh. So she flings the wallet away. Jack picks it up, opens it. The key's not there, and Kate looks suitably discouraged, only Jack ain't havin' it. He tells her it was really good sleight of hand, distracting him with the wallet. He grabs her wrist, and tells her to open her fist, and there lies the key. "Jack, I --" she says, and gives her a double dose of "don't" and walks away. Commercials.

Hey, speaking of the suspension of disbelief, here's Shannon speaking French again. Sayid gets increasingly agitated, because the translations don't have anything to do with latitude, or longitude, or anything that he might find useful, but is a bunch of gibberish along the lines of "the sea of silver sparkles" and "blue infinity." Good thing Sayid got Shannon to translate that last one, by the way, since in French that would be "infinité bleu." And she struggled with it, too. "There's something about this that sounds so familiar," she says, and Sayid snorts, since she's been translating nothing but nonsense. So she practically starts crying as she points out that A) she warned Sayid that her French sucked; and B) it isn't her nonsense, after all. She asks Sayid if it occurred to him that maybe Rousseau's mind ain't all there after 16 years on "Mystery Frickin' Island." (And no, I will not write that out each and every time.) I mean, she's not wrong, but she could maybe stand to grow up a little bit. Sayid says that this was a mistake, which probably couldn't have angered Shannon more if he'd just asked her if it was her special time of the month. "Yeah, haven't you heard? I'm completely useless!" she whines, and stomps off.

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