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Dirty Dancing

Day Five. At breakfast, Anthony does spin control to Lisa and Jeanette. Anthony claims that Laura wants to get her freak on, and that he told her not to hook up with him if that was the case. And yet, Anthony claims, Laura was the aggressive one in their relationship. In an interview, Anthony thinks that Laura's relationship with Tony isn't right, and that it might blow up in her face.

Up on deck, Laura and Toni lie on towels and chat. Toni says that no one is doing anything that bad, because there are no relationships or commitments. Laura agrees, and says she would like to see what happens with Tony. Toni cautions her that Lisa might also like Tony, and that Laura should respect that. Laura confides that she thinks Lisa likes Anthony. Toni agrees, and points out that Anthony even said that Lisa was his type.

The captain announces that it's time for the Gender Juries. In an interview, Adrian says that he can't wait to talk about whom to vote off the ship, but he's worried that as the holder of the Switch Card, he may have to get rid of someone the women like. The men and women both get things sorted out. The last shot is of Anthony. He is wearing a red polka-dotted shirt, and a red bandanna on his head. If he only added an upside-down visor, he would be Anthony Boogie.

Anthony tells the men that he wants to vote off Laura because he feels that he got slammed, and it messed him up. Tony wants to vote off Jeanette, because she made a comment about Adrian looking at her. Wow, that's a good reason. Not.

Jeanette votes for Adrian. So does Toni. Laura points out that Adrian won't leave, because he has the Switch Card and will save himself. Andrea that thinks they should vote for Adrian, and then let Adrian pick which guy should leave. Laura is worried that Adrian will pick someone they all like. That would be his best move strategically -- get rid of the strong ones.

Ralph says that he doesn't have any beef with Laura, and that the only person he dislikes is his partner Andrea. Adrian demonstrates how he sees Andrea; it's like someone flipping through the channels on the television. I don't know. Greg wonders what the women could possibly be talking about.

Lisa points out that Adrian could choose Michael, or Greg, both of whom the women like. Tomiko is silent throughout this discussion. Andrea asks whom Lisa would vote off. Lisa would vote for Anthony, because she heard that if Laura is on the boat, Anthony doesn't want to be there. Lisa is also feeling a weird vibe from Anthony, and he's making her uncomfortable. Listen to Lisa! Toni isn't comfortable trusting what Lisa heard from another source.

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