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Dirty Dancing

Laura and Tony hug, and then everyone else hugs them. In an interview, Laura says that she was shocked to be voted off, and that she's glad Tony is going with her. In an interview, Tony say that there is no one else on the boat in whom he was interested. Tony confirms to Adrian that this is what he wanted. Do you think that they had a little side conference before the vote, where Adrian cleared this decision with Tony? Because Tony didn't seem all that surprised. Toni cries. In an interview, Anthony say that if you are two-faced, you will be voted off. He actually said a lot more than that, but he makes me tired. Laura and Tony head to Loser Island. You know whom Anthony kind of resembles with that headband? Glenn from the Los Angeles season of The Real World. Scary.

Next time: Jeanette and Adrian mix it up, mostly because Adrian is sexist. After that speech he gave, is there any doubt? Toni really digs Greg, so she does a striptease for him. Andrea says something to Toni about their feelings, and Toni flips out, saying that she's never going to date. No real bug eyes yet, though.

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