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Dirty Dancing

Justin arrives to kick off the next round of the Hot Seat. Justin reminds the singles and the viewers of the rules. A single will be called up to answer questions. If the other singles feel that the person in the Hot Seat did not answer honestly, they hold up their BS paddles. Justin asks what "BS" stands for, and I'm sure that everyone yelled out "Bullshit!" and that they had to do a second take after reminding them to say, "Balls of Shame!" If a single gets the BS paddles, he or she has to do a dare.

Laura is up first. Her first question is, "If you want to quote unquote mingle in the singles scene, why are you letting Anthony hold you back?" Penalty! Unnecessary use of quotation marks in that question. The other team gets a first down. Anthony smarms that he is "all ears." Toni bugs her eyes out in the back row. Laura bites her lip and thinks real hard. Laura doesn't think that Anthony is holding her back, and in fact he asked her today whether she wanted to switch partners, so she doesn't think that he would get in her way. Laura also loves to mingle, and wants to get to know everyone else, but not necessarily get intimate with everyone else. Justin interjects that it's okay to flirt, like, shut up Justin! Nobody asked you! Justin has another question for Laura: "I've been with a lot of sexual partners." Is that a question? Toni really bugs out in the back row, as everyone guesses that Ralph submitted the question. Justin continues, "How do you feel about the fact that Tony has only had one?" I think the producers submitted that question. Who else would know that Laura is interested in Tony? She hasn't really talked about it with anyone that we've seen. Anyway, Laura says that she's not shocked, and that just because Tony is loud and funny doesn't mean that he sleeps around. Adrian is either falling asleep or disgusted with Tony's lack of sexual partners. Everyone believes Laura's answers, so she's off the hook.

Tony is up next. Justin sticks some money in Tony's bowtie, like, ha ha, not. Justin needs to stick to the emcee position, and quit trying to be a standup comedian. Tony's question: "One of your shipmates heard that you have not had sex in several years. What are the issues surrounding this, since you are obviously interested in sex?" Tony decides that he's just going to do a dare. Wow. He won't even try to answer the question. Tony's dare is to give someone a lap dance. What a "coincidence" that he got that dare while dressed as a Chippendales dancer. Tony picks Andrea to be the recipient of his lap dance. Ralph looks kind of pissed. They start playing polka music, and I'm not sure how he's supposed to do a lap dance to that. Neither is Tony, so he just pulls Andrea up and starts running around with her. Lame. But an important preview of Tony's non-dancing skills.

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