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Dirty Dancing

Everyone gathers on deck. Justin announces that tonight is the first couples' competition. The winning couple will get two envelopes, one of which contains the Switch Card. In an interview, Tomiko explains that the Switch Card allows you to stay on the boat if you are voted off, or switch someone else who was voted off with another single. Got that? Don't worry -- it will all become clear later. Just know that it's powerful to have the Switch Card. It's like the Immunity Idol, sort of. Justin announces that the competition will be a dance contest, and that they've hired some local instructors to teach them the moves. Justin introduces Todi (the woman) and Adod (the man). Todi is wearing a black t-shirt and shorts, but do I say this? Adod has on a really tight black t-shirt and bright aqua bike shorts. Tight enough that you can find out his religion, if you get my drift. Justin announces that they will be learning the salsa, and then jokes that all the guys need to change into aqua biking shorts. Okay, that was a little bit funny. But also kind of mean, since he said it right in front of Adod.

In an interview, Laura says that a salsa competition is perfect for her. As they start learning the steps, Michael laments his lack of skills and attributes it to being "white and Jewish." Adrian makes a cheesy "come over here" motion with his hand while thrusting his hips. In an interview, Tomiko says that she and Adrian "already have rhythm," which is an advantage over the others. Most of the other guys are pretty pathetic. Poor Tony is in the back row, and he can't even follow along. He just looks clueless. Michael is sweating profusely. In an interview, Michael says that he is "the worst dancer in the entire free world," and that he "cannot, will not, never have, am never going to dance." Jeanette encourages Michael at least to give it a try, and he relents.

In an interview, Lisa says that the Switch Card could change the dynamics of the boat, which should be interesting. Lisa and Tony practice their dancing, and Lisa realizes that she is leading. Tony doesn't mind. Also, he's doing the polka, I think. Up on deck, Lisa and Melissa discuss the competition. Lisa thinks that Tomiko and Adrian need to win, or Tomiko will be voted off, because that's what Michael told her. Melissa is surprised, and asks why Tomiko would be voted off. Lisa points out that Tomiko is sweet, but that she isn't fitting in with the other girls, and she thinks the guys would vote her off before they would some of the loud girls.

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