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Garbage And Goats

The groups assemble for the Elimination Ceremony. Justin calls Michael, the Switch Card holder, up front. Darin has to announce the men's vote. Darin simply says that they've chosen Jeanette. Jeanette cries. Toni stands and says, "I'm not going to get into any speeches or anything. We've chosen Greg." People look shocked. Toni looks pissed. Also, she looks a little bit like a pirate with that bandanna on her head.

Justin calls Jeanette and Greg up front, and allows them to speak. Jeanette hugs Michael and asks him not to use the Switch Card on her. Greg thanks the group and says that he understands and doesn't hold it against them. Michael announces that he's not using the Switch Card. Jeanette decides that she has something else to say. She announces that she also doesn't hold anything against anyone, but wants everyone to know that she never called Adrian a deadbeat dad. Jeanette starts crying and everyone runs up and hugs her. Except Adrian, who sits alone. The Sad Strummy Guitar of Adrian's Shitty Hat plays as I realize that what I thought was a knit skullcap is actually a knit baseball cap. Yuck.

Adrian tells Jeanette that he feels bad for making a judgment about her. For some reason, Lisa is also there; I'm guessing the reason is that she wants more camera time. Jeanette lies to Adrian that they are all good people and that they all get along great. Adrian apologizes for what happened, and says that if they met elsewhere, it would have been different. Lisa says something stupid about no hard feelings. Jeanette and Adrian hug. Jeanette tells them to have fun.

Anthony tells Toni that Greg made a snap judgment about her, but that now he thinks that she's really cool. Toni says that Greg didn't show it. Greg walks up, and Toni asks to talk to him. Greg ask her to wait; he tells Anthony and Adrian that he appreciates them being straight, and that he didn't "click" with the girls on the boat. Then, Greg tells Toni that she has a "heart of gold," and he has no hard feelings. Toni says that she heard differently, and heard some things he said that broke her heart. Greg says that he is confused, because he has feelings for her. Toni says that she'll miss him, and that she wanted him to come into their room to talk, but that he shut her out. Again. One week. And they weren't even paired up at first, so it's more like four days. And now they're practically working out a custody agreement and deciding who gets the Springsteen albums. Darin walks up, and you can tell he wishes he could just turn around and avoid this conversation entirely. As Toni cries, I think of excuses Darin could make to get out of it, like "Um, does anyone have change for the vending machine? No? Okay, thanks." Toni says that she's always getting hurt. Greg says that he's completely wrong. Toni hugs him, and Greg says that he'll always be there. Except when he's in the land of goats and garbage.

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