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At breakfast, the contestants hear an announcement that the couples' competition today will feature the theme "intelligence." Wow, I can't wait to see this one. Because if there were ever a reality show where the contestants were selected for their intelligence, it's...not this one at all. That would be The Mole. In an interview, Anthony says that the competitions are increasingly important, because they allow people to take unpopular stands and then get the Switch Card, eliminating any fear of being voted off. In an interview, Andrea says that Jeanette and Adrian both really want the Switch Card, and that if Jeanette gets it, Andrea will be the next to go. In an interview, Greg says that he is going to vote for either Jeanette or Andrea. Jeanette wronged one of his "boys," but Andrea is really fake. As opposed to Toni, who is completely real? Oh, I guess he was talking about personality, not body parts.

As the contestants walk to the beach where the competition will take place, Michael voice-overs that the goal of the competition is to win and get the Switch Card. Justin welcomes them to La Blanquilla, which is Spanish for "incredibly white shirt." At least that's what Justin is wearing. Justin points out six floating "islands," which are actually just inflatable rafts. Each couple will sit on a raft and be asked a question from a category of their choosing. If they get the question wrong, they have to stand up on the raft. The last couple to remain on their raft wins. Various contestants explain how important the Switch Card is, but I think we get it, so I'm just skipping that part. Ralph jokes to Jeanette that he didn't know the theme was going to be intelligence when he picked her, and they both crack up. I'm almost over Ralph and the toe-sucking thing, and he's starting to grow on me. Sort of. The toe-sucking was really gross, though.

The categories are: Romantic Movies, Famous Lovers, Aphrodisiacs, Famous Quotes, and Famous Duets. Michael and Melissa get to go first, and they select Romantic Movies. Justin asks who "completed" Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. Is it a coincidence that Fox aired that very movie last night? I think not. Melissa yells out, "Renee Zwelligger," which I guess is close enough. She adds, "You had me at 'hello,'" which by the way is the funniest line on the commentary track of the Spinal Tap DVD. Watch it. You won't be sorry. Also, shut up, Melissa.

Tomiko and Adrian choose Famous Lovers. Justin asks where Harry met Sally. Tomiko yells out, "College?" but Adrian shuts her up. Justin turns into Alex Trebek on the Jeopardy skit on Saturday Night Live. He's all, "We need a geographical location. Just name a city. In the United States. Possibly in the Midwest. It might be the home of the Bears. The first letters are CHI." Adrian and Tomiko guess Seattle, when the correct answer is, of course, Chicago. Tomiko and Adrian stand up. Darin wants to see Tomiko "salsa [her] way out of this one." They fall into the water pretty quickly.

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