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Garbage And Goats

Ralph and Jeanette choose Famous Duets, and are asked which real-life country couple sings the song, "Let's Make Love." I don't even listen to country music, but how many famous married country singers are there? Jeanette thinks she knows it, but guesses, "Jill Faith and her husband." The correct answer is "Faith Hill and Tim McGraw." Ralph and Jeanette stand; Ralph is totally jumping up and down, and he practically pushes Jeanette off.

Toni and Greg choose Famous Lovers. The question is, "Who was involved with Meg Ryan before she married Dennis Quaid?" Okay, I didn't know this one and was surprised at the answer. So maybe my theme is not intelligence either. Greg and Toni don't even try to answer, and just stand up. The answer was Anthony Edwards. Greg and Toni are still standing as we move onto the next couple.

Darin and Andrea take Famous Quotes, and are asked what movie contained the quote, "Face it. You're a neo-maxi zoom dweebie." This one I knew. Darin guesses Revenge of the Nerds, but the answer is The Breakfast Club. Anthony yells out the answer, and I'm glad I gave him that pre-emptive "shut up" before, because it applies here. Also, shut up, Anthony. Darin and Andrea stand. Toni and Greg are still standing.

Anthony, who was all Mr. Movie Quote a minute ago, is asked which character in The Matrix said, "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony." While Anthony and Lisa ponder that one, Darin falls off, as does Greg, so now it's only Michael and Melissa left with Anthony and Lisa. Anthony begs for more time, but Justin says that time is up and gives them the answer, which was Morpheus. Lisa and Anthony stand, but quickly fall off, so Michael and Melissa are the winners.

Michael picks one envelope and Melissa gets the other. Michael ends up with the Switch Card. Michael voice-overs that he's enjoying his position in the game right now, but that he doesn't know how he's going to use the card. Ralph says that they didn't win, and Jeanette says that's okay. In an interview, Michael's hair dried funny after he went in the water, and it's all sticking up as he says that Jeanette and Andrea are the next two to go, and that he wouldn't change either one of them if they went.

Then the Tropical Music of Boobs and Butts plays as everyone goes swimming. Lisa and Greg flirt while standing in the water. Lisa tells Greg that he is kissable, and admits that he intimidates her. Then she splashes him, because she is an emotional four-year-old. Lisa tells Greg that he's attractive. Greg tells Lisa that she is gorgeous and doesn't give herself enough credit. Lisa's all, "Ooh, tell me more about how great I am!" Greg does. But Lisa is totally baiting him. He might be hitting on her, but she's totally encouraging it. This is important later. Meanwhile, where the hell is Toni?

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