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The Credits of Massive Drama remind us that this series has shown us manipulation ("You hurt people, maliciously."), accusation (Toni rubbing Greg's arm, Adrian being called a male chauvinist pig), instigation (Michael talking about kissing Lisa to get her vote), and retaliation (Toni bugging out at Michael, Lisa admitting that she just kissed two guys, Anthony and Laura making out while Lisa looks on hungrily, Anthony talking to Toni about bribery, Tony dancing crazily at the salsa competition, Toni crying and declaring that she's never going to date, and then the clips come too fast and furious for me to recap, but definitely end with Toni's Supreme Bug-Out at Jeanette). Now it's Judgment Day. Oh, is there only one day? Because I've been judging them all along.

Previously on Love Cruise: Michael and Jeanette, and Darin and Melissa won the fruit crushing competition to make it into the final. The Losers come back from Loser Island to cast their votes for the ultimate winning couple. Darin and Jeanette have Switch Cards, which means that they can switch their partners for someone from Loser Island before the final vote. "A vindictive Toni tries to sway the jury against Michael and Melissa" might be better stated, "Toni lies her face off because she's completely insane." Anthony accuses Toni of bribing Jeanette, and Toni goes all bug-eye.

In an interview, Jeanette says that Toni offered to give her $20,000 if Jeanette would tell the other girls that she wanted to leave. According to Michael (who posts on our forums as "shakes the clown"), this incident happened on the crew's day off, which is why it wasn't recorded on camera, but production crew who were nearby confirmed that the offer took place. In an interview, Toni says that she would never say such a thing. Jeanette accuses Toni of lying to the camera, and Toni says that Jeanette has it all mixed up in her brain. They continue screaming at each other as everyone watches helplessly. Adrian yells out, "Take it easy," which calms things down for, like, five seconds. Jeanette tells Toni that she is "sick and demented." Ralph watches thoughtfully and calls the display "awesome." Anthony agrees that he loves it too.

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