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Pick A Winner

The finalists are called back up on deck. Justin tells the finalists that none of the regular jury wanted to change their votes, so Jeanette and Michael will break the tie. Gina realizes that she's totally screwed. Jeanette stands up and tells Gina that she gave great advice on Loser Island. Jeanette says that she and Adrian patched things up as well. But, Jeanette announces that she hung out with Darin and Melissa longer, and they deserve to win, and casts her vote. Jeanette should really look into wearing lower-cut underwear with that skirt, because her skivvies are totally peeking out over the top. In an interview, Jeanette says that she came into this to have fun, meet great people, and have a vacation.

Michael still gets to cast his vote. He says that nothing he will ever do will feel better than what he is about to do right now. What is he, Sidney Carton? He tells Adrian and Gina that they've already won by being there in the finals, and that they made the finals because they stayed above the fray during the fracas on the island earlier. Michael resurrects his favorite saying, "plain and simple," and says that he owes Melissa and thinks that Darin is the greatest person in the world, so he casts his vote for Darin and Melissa. Hugs are exchanged all around.

Melissa and Darin look happy and everyone claps because they get to go home now. Justin gives a long speech that I'm sure no one is listening to, but he does mention that Melissa and Darin "carried [themselves] with class, tact, and integrity." Darin, maybe. But Melissa? Not always. Kenny G runs up and hugs the winners to get some more camera time. Justin talks some more, but no one is listening. Big smiles all around, except for Anthony, who looks pissed. I wonder if he is homeless now? Remember, he said that if he didn't win, he would be homeless?

Then we get the montage of Darin and Melissa coupling up on the first day, talking during flash dating, going to the black-tie dinner, dancing at the salsa competition. Darin voice-overs something about how he loves Melissa, and says really nice things about her. She's a fool if she doesn't stick with him. Melissa says that she wanted to win with Darin more than anyone else, which is kind of damning with faint praise. Melissa says that she and Darin will go around the world, but notice she doesn't say that they will go together. I feel kind of gypped that we didn't get an update on whether they actually went together or not. Anyway, I'm out. I thought this was a great show, until they started changing all the rules at the end. Those of you looking for your weekly dose of sleaze will have to head on over to Stee's Temptation Island recaps!

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