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In an interview, Toni claims that her words were turned around, and that she said that if she won the money, she would give Jeanette some money for her kid. I guess the implication is that she never told Jeanette to volunteer to be voted off. Toni yells at the camera, "To say that I would do that, is wrong!" She's all pointing at the camera and bugging out her eyes at us. We didn't do it! Plus, Toni is lying! I don't know why she's getting mad at the home viewers about her own lies. Jeanette says that she's not confused, and knows what Toni said to her. There's a third person involved in this conversation, but the camera is positioned so that it looks like just Jeanette and Toni. I'm going to bet that the third person is Andrea. She's always involved in things like this. In an interview, Jeanette says that she knew it would come down to her word against Toni's. Flashback to when Toni told Jeanette that she would share the money, which was also when Toni claimed that she was going to ask to be voted off, which is also when the viewers started to understand that Toni was not just crazy, but craaaaaazy. After a little more bug-eye action, Jeanette tells us that she doesn't know why Toni lied.

Toni sort of tries to apologize, but all she will say is that she's sorry that Jeanette misunderstood her offer, and she's sorry for getting so angry. She still won't admit that she did make the offer. Toni lies that she loves Jeanette and still wants her to win. In an interview, Toni says that "[Jeanette's] not winning." Hee! I love how the editors juxtaposed footage of Toni telling Jeanette she wants her to win with footage of Toni saying that Jeanette won't win. Because, you know, Toni controls the voting. Or at least she does in her world. We'll see. Toni tells Jeanette that she will help her win, and she doesn't care about the money. All lies! Bald-faced, bug-eyed lies.

Toni walks away, and Andrea scampers after her like the leech that she is. Melissa clarifies that Jeanette still doesn't think she misunderstood Toni's offer. Melissa points out that Toni just lied in Jeanette's face. The hated Andrea carps to Toni, "It's retarded. What, she's on the boat for one damn day, and she got brainwashed by morons? Unbelievable." Yes, Andrea, it is unbelievable that you would call someone else a moron. Toni dramatically says that she never wants to be rich if this is what being rich means. Oh, like Toni wouldn't jump at the chance for the money, right now. It's easy to take the financial high ground when she thinks she has no chance to win any money. If they dangled a thousand dollars in front of her right now, it would be a different story.

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