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Pick A Winner

Justin tells everyone that it's time to find out how Darin and Jeanette are going to play their Switch Cards, and says that it must be a difficult decision. Darin goes first, and says that it was actually an easy decision for him. He's not switching Melissa out. Darin says that he knows that Melissa isn't manipulating him. Justin invites Melissa to stand next to Darin. Gina claps and smiles while Toni and Andrea scowl. Jeanette gets the chance to speak, and they make it out like she paused for about thirty seconds, but I bet that she didn't. Jeanette announces that she's going to stay with Michael, and doesn't have anything else to say. Michael trots up to take his place next to Jeanette. In an interview, Jeanette says that she had to stay with Michael, because it was the right thing to do. She's right, and also, I don't think that it would have made much of a difference if she had a different partner, after her spat with Toni.

Justin asks the remaining Losers to partner up into couples. They form into the following couples: Toni and Greg, Andrea and Anthony, Laura and Tony, Adrian and Gina (?), Lisa and Kenny G, and Tomiko and Ralph. Actually, Tomiko and Ralph only ended up together by default. What's up with Adrian and Gina? This makes me wish that we had gotten more than a glimpse of what the hell was going on at Loser Island, especially since the Losers are playing such an integral part in the finale.

Once they are all paired up, Justin says that they all get to vote on which couple will be put into the finals. Because why not? It's not like it makes the entire competition meaningless or anything. Except that it totally does. What a stupid idea. Lisa tells Kenny G that there's no one she wants to vote for, and Kenny G suggests that they vote for themselves. Lisa is all, "Ooh, that would be bad," because we already know that she has weird ideas about being bad. Michael advises Melissa to vote for someone that she doesn't mind losing to, and Melissa agrees. In an interview, Michael tells us that each couple was tainted. He won't vote for Toni, so Greg is out. Andrea and Anthony were "a double whammy." He's sorry for Tomiko, but he can't vote for Ralph. Gina says that she's not voting for Laura. See? We have no idea why not. Did something happen between them on Loser Island? This is just dumb. I'm mad. The votes are all submitted.

Justin comes back to announce the results. First, the two finalist couples come up front. Then, Justin announces that the third couple is Adrian and Gina. No one looks very surprised, and everyone applauds. In an interview, Adrian says that he never thought he would have the chance to go back on the boat and possibly win the big prize. You and me both, brother. Adrian and Gina walk up front, and Toni cheers for them. In an interview, Michael says that Adrian and Gina were the only two people who "conducted themselves with honor and class" during the finals. Justin reminds everyone that one of these couples will share $200,000 and a trip around the world. Anthony keeps pointing at Adrian, trying to draw attention to himself. Toni does the same by making dramatic gestures. Justin asks everyone to prepare Hot Seat questions that will either help the couple they want to win, or damage the couple that they don't want to win. Adrian and Gina hug and smile broadly. At this point, I was sure that Adrian and Gina had it locked up, because all of the Losers would vote for their fellow Losers.

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