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Pick A Winner

The finalist couples go with Justin. The other singles submit their questions. Greg advises Kenny G to ask Darin whether he thinks there will be anything between him and Melissa after the show. Greg theorizes that this will make Darin and Melissa look good. Wow. Who knew Greg was all for Darin and Melissa? I guess he's not as much under Toni's thumb as I previously thought. Other questions are submitted. The finalist couples ride on a boat back to the ship. In an interview, Gina says that it's a huge shock to be back on the boat. In their cabin, Gina keeps saying that they have a huge chance of winning. Adrian doesn't want to hear it, because he doesn't want to get his hopes up. Why do I like Adrian all of a sudden? In an interview, Gina says "um" way too many times as she expresses the point we have already heard many times -- that she and Adrian may win by default, because no one wants either of the other couples to win.

Jeanette and Michael talk in their cabin. Jeanette says that Toni, Andrea, and Anthony will definitely vote for Adrian, because they hate Michael and Melissa. Jeanette points out that there are other people on the jury. Michael brings up how fake Andrea and Toni were, but Jeanette tells him that she's over it and he should be, too. Who knew Jeanette was such an adult? How did she get on this show? The captain calls everyone to the top deck for the finals competition.

It's time for the final Hot Seat. But there are no BS paddles, and no Balls of Shame, so I don't know what the incentive is for the finalists to tell the truth. It's also extremely windy on the ship. Everyone's hair is blowing around. Justin explains that they are looking for the couple that comes off as "the most legitimate couple." The judges (a.k.a. the Losers) can "ask any question to try to decipher whether or not [the finalists] are seriously committed to each other as a couple." Wait a minute. Wait just a darned minute, here. Since when has that been a factor in the game at all? When has the legitimacy of the couple been important in any way? It's never been mentioned before. And now it's supposed to be the deciding factor? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This show just gets dumber and dumber with the changing of the rules. Grr.

First in the Hot Seat is Jeanette. Andrea asks her how she could really think that Toni was trying to bribe her, after all the bonding they did at the beginning of the cruise. How does that help determine whether Jeanette is part of a legitimate couple? Jeanette answers that she thought Toni was a friend until the day she proposed the bribe. Andrea suggests that Jeanette misconstrued it, but Jeanette is sure that she didn't. I don't know why this is even relevant. I guess Andrea is trying to make Jeanette look bad, and thus convince people not to vote for her. In an interview, Andrea says that she can't even look at Jeanette, and she feels that everything that happened between them on the cruise was fake on Jeanette's part. I can't even look at Andrea, because she's so incredibly deluded. Justin excuses Jeanette.

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