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Michael is up next, and he gets a question from Tomiko. Michael is asked whether he feels that he is hurting Jeanette's chances of winning. Michael answers that he doesn't know, and that while he and Jeanette have not made a love connection, they do have a bond. Michael adds that he told Jeanette that he would understand if she switched him out. Michael concludes that Jeanette stuck with him, "despite the fact that she had every rat in the world come up to her and spit in her face." Dude, way to insult the jury. That'll go over well. Maybe he figured that he had nothing to lose. There is sparse applause as Michael returns to his seat.

Laura asks a question of Gina. Laura wonders if Gina will be social if she wins the cruise, or stay in her room the whole time. See, again, this is clearly harkening back to something that happened on Loser Island, and we have no idea what it's about. Gina says that she's been social with Adrian. Laura says that's not the definition of "social." So how does Laura define it? Gossiping with the other harpies? Gina says that she chooses whom to spend time with carefully. In an interview, Michael explains that Gina distanced herself from the other Losers, not because she's anti-social, but because the other people disgusted her. I still don't like Gina, but I can't say that I blame her. Gina concludes that she thinks that the game got way out of hand, and she stayed in her room because she didn't trust anyone. Again, insulting the jury is probably not the road to winning.

Adrian has a question from Toni. Oh, this should be good. Toni asks Adrian if he forgives her for the bad choice that she made. Oh, way to make it all about you, Toni. In an interview, Michael reminds us that Adrian helped Toni win the Switch Card, and then she didn't use it to save him from being voted off. Adrian says that he forgives her, and Toni runs up and hugs him. In the background, you can see Michael looking completely disgusted. Gina laughs, but everyone else looks away, because it's just too embarrassing to watch. Anthony calls Toni a "bleeping bleeping drama queen." No, he really said, "bleeping bleeping." I hate him. Toni sucks as much attention out of the moment as she can, but finally is forced to return to her seat.

Kenny G has a question for Darin. He stands up and asks Darin whether he's formed a bond with Melissa, and how important that is to winning. Darin says that he definitely has, and he could sense the chemistry between them from the beginning. Darin says that he's already gotten what he wanted out of the trip -- a friend he'll have for life -- and he doesn't care about the money. The only genuine applause of the evening follows. Have I mentioned how dispirited all of the singles seem? They're just listless and acting like they really, really don't want to be there.

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