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Pick A Winner

Justin finally regains control of the proceedings. Everyone looks completely exhausted and like they might just dive off the side of the ship. Did Tony ever come back? Who knows? Justin asks the finalists to go to their cabins so that the judges can vote.

Jeanette and Melissa lie on a bed in one of the cabins. Jeanette tries to reassure Melissa that everything is going to be all right, and that she did what she had to do. Melissa says that she doesn't have any family, and her boyfriend is all that she has. When her dad died, she lost everything, and she had to spend Christmas by herself. Melissa asks Jeanette if she knows what it's like to be Daddy's little girl and have him die in your arms. Jeanette affirms that Melissa has become a stronger and better person because of all this. Okay, what the hell was that? Where did all the dead father talk come from? That was just weird. And kind of a downer.

In their cabin, Adrian and Gina discuss their chances at victory. Gina says again that there is a huge possibility that they will win. As soon as Gina said that twice, I thought that there was no way in hell that she would win. And I was glad. Gina points out that the judges have nothing against them, and everything against the others.

Justin calls everyone back to the top deck. Everyone looks much happier now, maybe because they know that they can leave soon. Justin announces that they will soon find out who gets "the trip around the world, and this..." and Justin opens a briefcase full of money. Greg and Toni both jump out of their seats to look at the cash. Have they never seen cash before? I'm sure it's not real, anyway.

Justin reminds the judges that when they are called up, they will put their leis over the heads of the couple they are voting for. Ralph goes first, and casts his vote for Adrian and Gina, because his interactions with Gina have been positive, and Adrian is a solid guy. Toni goes next. She swings her leis on the way up, to attract maximum attention. Toni says that Adrian has been solid, and she respects who Gina is, so she's voting for them. Andrea says that she only has good things to say, unlike the others. Yeah, right. She casts her vote for Adrian and Gina as well. So now, Adrian and Gina have three votes, and the other couples have none.

Tony is next. He still has that crazy Mohawk. Tony says that his vote has always been with Darin, because Darin thinks with his heart. Tony gives them his leis and hugs them, crying. Anthony is next, and I think he must have five minutes, thinking up this one. "Jeanette, I love you. Darin, I love you. Gina, I love you. But brother, I'd die for you." The last is said, obviously, to Adrian, as he casts his vote for Adrian and Gina. I'm surprised (and so happy) that Anthony didn't deliver a poem about his feelings for Adrian. So Adrian and Gina have four votes, Darin and Melissa have one, and Michael and Jeanette have none.

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