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Pick A Winner

Greg is next. He says that he loves them all, but that he has to vote for Darin and Melissa. Kenny G comes up and says that he really connected with Darin, and that he thinks Darin and Melissa have a slight chance of hanging out together afterwards. Shut up, Kenny G. Stop trying to re-enter the spotlight. So now Darin and Melissa have three votes to Gina's and Adrian's four. Michael and Jeanette might as well go home.

Tomiko comes up next and says that it was really hard for her, but that she was with Darin and Melissa until the end, and she knows that they care about each other. She votes for Darin and Melissa, and the vote is tied at four each. Laura comes up and says that Darin has been true to his heart, and she hopes that Melissa can open her heart and "let it happen, dude, all right?" Laura votes for Darin and Melissa, bringing their total to five, with Gina and Adrian at four.

And Lisa is the only one left to vote. Lisa says that she has a lot of responsibility, like she doesn't love the attention. Lisa wishes Darin luck with Melissa, but says she's voting for Adrian and Gina. Lisa says that she loves and adores Gina. Gina keeps saying that she loves Lisa, too. Why don't those two just run off together? They keep talking about how much they love each other, like, who cares? Just tell me how the tie gets resolved.

Justin announces that they "definitely have a situation" so they have to "go into a tiebreak deliberation." He asks Darin and Melissa, and Adrian and Gina to go to their cabins. Melissa tells Darin that she didn't think they would get any votes, because of her tirade. Darin says that he thought he was going to "start balling" when Tony came up to them. Okay, it was captioned on the screen, because he was kind of whispering, and I'm sure that Darin meant "bawling." It was still funny. ["I laughed." -- Wing Chun] Melissa asks what that was all about, and Darin says that he and Tony talked about Melissa early on. Melissa is surprised that Darin liked her way back then.

Adrian says that he is even more nervous. Gina points out that someone has to change his or her vote. Back up on deck, Justin explains that they will each have the chance to change their vote, or not. If there is still a tie, Jeanette and Michael will break the tie. What if Jeanette and Michael don't vote together? There's still a tie. Yeah, what about that, Justin? Everyone starts talking at once, until Kenny G turns around and asks whether anyone's vote is going to change at this point. Everyone says no, so Justin announces that it's up to Jeanette and Michael. Actually, what Kenny G did there was really great (and you know I hate to admit it) because it meant that Toni and Andrea couldn't bully any of the others into changing their vote.

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