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Mike tries to get Samantha to talk about their troubles today. She feels like they've been through it, but he wants her to say something about how she had a hard time and they'll work better as a team in the future. She feels like she's already said that. Maybe she didn't use his script. Why is he giving her a script? That's weird. She's also kind of shut down and completely closed off. What happened to our super couple? They were the Luke and Laura of this show. Well, minus the part where Luke raped Laura, but we all pretend that didn't happen.

Derek has dinner with Jess but he thinks it would be "a disservice" not to explore his options, and by options, he means Samantha. Yes, how dare he deprive other women of his awesomeness? The men on this show are horrible. Then again, most of the women are too.

Hey, remember Jason and Jessica? I didn't either. But Jason is sleeping on what they claim is a couch in their cabin, but seriously looks like a crib. Why is he sleeping in a crib? Anyway, Jessica wakes him up and Jason goes off on this speech about how he thinks she's awesome and is attracted to her and she's basically like, "Uh, thanks? But no thanks." Poor Jason. Can't catch a break.

Will Steele pick Erica or Kym? Ugh, they are all throwing themselves at him. The next morning, Mike sets up a romantic picnic for Samantha to clear the air. I guess it gets cleared? Neither of them looks all that happy at the end.

The couples all get ready for the ceremony. Derek is deciding between Jess and Samantha. Heather is hoping for Miles. Erica wants Steele, who wants her but also wants Kym. The producers must be in hog heaven over all these switches.

It's time for the Couples' Ceremony! Derek and Jess are up first, and Derek gets to make the choice. He wants to stay with Jess. He must've talked to Samantha and found out she wasn't interested. Jess wants to stay with him, so they're all set.

Skip and Theresa are up next. They're meant for each other and no one cares.

Mike and Samantha luckily decided to patch things up after their trial separation so they're going to stick together.

Now it gets dramatic. Miles and Erica are up next, and Miles gets to make the choice. He's going to switch to Heather, and she accepts. So who will Erica pick? Obviously, she's going to pick Steele. Does he accept? He does. So now Kym is screwed.

Jason and Jessica are up next. Jason wants to stick with Jessica, and she decides to stay with him rather than get stuck with Adam or Ben, I guess.

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