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Ouch, My Toe

Miles and Brandee are still trying to unlock the lock. Finally, they figure out that they were lining the numbers up in the wrong spot. Oops. Brandee is annoyed that Miles didn't use his male powers of unlocking to get the job done. I don't think opening a lock is male or female. It's not like in high school, all the dudes were pulling out their math textbooks while the ladies were just spinning the dials helplessly, right?

Derek and Erica surge ahead while the others struggle with their mules. Well, Skip is struggling, and he ends up carrying one of the crates himself. I guess the idea is that the mule will go faster with a lighter load? I don't think that's the mule's problem. Skip takes it out on the mule with verbal abuse. Again, I don't think the mule minds. I don't think the mule understands that you are calling it a loser.

Skip ends up at the waterfall at the same time as Samantha, who has Ben waiting for her at the bottom. He actually starts before Samantha, and then she passes him while rappelling down, which is pretty awesome. Mostly because I hate Skip. Meanwhile, Miles and Brandee are stuck at the part where they have to use a crowbar to open their crates because neither of them knows how to use a crowbar. It's a simple lever. Did you never take basic physics or, I don't know, live in the world? Miles is trying to use it by holding it right near the part that's supposed to be prying. Hello? I mean, I hated physics in high school but I understand how a lever works and how it allows you to multiply the force used or whatever, right?

Derek and Erica are still in the lead. They find the idol, which is basically a stump with a face. Like a stump you would sit on around a campfire or whatever, to give you an idea of the size/weight. Derek throws it up on his shoulder and they head up an enormous stairway. Think about how they had to rappel down at least two stories; now they have to climb back up. Once they get to the top, Derek drops the idol on his toe. And while you might think, "Oh, that would hurt like stubbing your toe," this seems a bit more serious. Like there is a lot of blood coming out from under his toenail. It's really gross. And then we go to break wondering what will happen to Derek, who I really don't like, but I don't want to lose a toe or anything.

Skip and Jessica are the next to come along, and Jessica is obviously concerned about Derek, her former and hopefully future partner. Derek encourages them to go ahead and cross the finish line first, so they eventually set off. But as they walk, they talk about how they don't really want to go to the Oasis together; they would rather hang out at the cabins with their true partners. So they let Ben and Samantha pass them, and they get first place and a trip to the Oasis. Skip and Jessica come in second. Derek manages to screw his toe back on his foot and make it to the finish line for third place. And he still carries the log! I would make Erica do it. Mike and Theresa are fourth. Steele and Heather end up fifth and Miles and Brandee end up last.

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