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Fourth question: how many, if any, children would your partner like to have? Mike says it's two, and Samantha confirms. So they have five points and get to move on to the finals. God, I would be so annoyed by them if I were on this show. Miles admits that his is a random guess, because they haven't discussed it, and he says three. Heather says that she wants four, but since they haven't discussed it, she says the generic two. Skip also said three and Theresa said two. She wants one boy and one girl. Well, you don't get to choose. Anyone who didn't get pregnant so easily (me) gets really annoyed when people act like you can just plan out when you get pregnant, and what you will have. Life is random! It throws you curveballs! Aw, I'm old and bitter. I hope Theresa does get her one boy one girl dream, even if it sounds like the answer a twelve-year-old would give.

Fifth question: Who typically makes the first move when it comes to intimacy? Miles says Heather and Heather says Miles. Oops. Dumb move on Miles's part. Theresa says Skip and Skip jokes that he put both. Ooooh, ya burnt, Theresa. Skip is nasty. He is the type that would bring up something you did ten years ago during a fight. Like, "You didn't take the garbage out again!" "Oh yeah! Well, you lost the bag of coins!" Just saying. Anyway, he said himself so they now have 2 points while Miles and Heather are stuck at 3.

Sixth question: Guys, what is your partner's middle name? Heather's is Hideko, which Miles can't spell right but they give them the point. Theresa's is Velma. Whoa. Seriously? Anyway, Skip gets it right, so now Heather and Miles lead 4 to 3.

Sixth question: Ladies, which part of your body does your partner like the most? Theresa says her butt and Skip got it right so they now have 4. Heather says Miles told her he liked her eyes, but she thinks he likes her butt. Miles agrees, so they are moving on. Miles actually says, "I'm a butt guy." Glad he admitted that on national television.

Skip joins Theresa and he immediately starts giving her shit about her stupid "both" answer. She laughs uncomfortably but Skip tells the host that their misadventures of the day brought them closer together. They kiss, then have to say goodbye. Well, we all knew they weren't going to win. At least I don't have to wait until they popped up and then go, "Oh, yeah! Those two." I'm a little bit sad that no one cares about this show so there won't be any future updates on whether or not these couples stay together, like they do on The Bachelor. I'm honestly a little curious. I won't be up nights wondering or anything, but mildly curious.

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