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So then Miles and Heather finally make it to the finish line. I thought they were right behind them? I was hoping for a footrace or something. It's like they purposely misled us through editing and such. Why I never! How dare they?! Anyway, Miles and Heather are disappointed and upset, as you can imagine. They agree that it was worth the whole thing, though, to meet one another.

Back to the cabins. Is there going to be a marriage proposal? That would be semi-interesting. Or a break-up. Anyway, Miles and Heather pack their things and leave. Miles interviews that he thinks that he and Heather are going to make it work, and Heather says that she has butterflies with Miles, and she can't believe that she found him, since she wasn't expecting it.

Mike and Samantha get to have a celebratory dinner at the Oasis. At midnight! At the Oasis! Sorry, I had to say that one last time. They discuss where they will go on their trip and they pick Paris. Look, I would go to Paris, but I am a hick. You'd think they would pick something more exotic. I am ignoring the stupid romantic talk because I keep thinking about the logistics of their trip. How many places do they get to go? Do they just get a cash total and can travel as much as possible within those constraints?

Ooh, an update. Miles and Heather are still dating, and they look forward to meeting each other's parents. How far apart do they live? Mike and Samantha are planning their trip, will be spending their birthdays together, and they've already met one another's parents. Ooh, was that a dig? You know what I've learned about myself through this episode? I was rooting for Miles and Heather all along. I only just figured that out.

So anyway, the show is over! And will probably never be on again because it was presumably expensive to produce (unless the Costa Rican government paid for it or something) and no one watched and it was boring. THE END.

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