Love Is Blind

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Loud Noises!

House cheerfully admits the green card plan. Bell approves. And Blythe already knows he was in jail, because she's been reading the Princeton Police Blotter ever since House moved here. And she has something to tell him, too: She and Bell got married two months after House's father died. He digs for any other secrets. They don't have anything. So he reveals the results of his DNA test. And then his birthmark! Bell is outraged that he's a pill-popping lunatic. Also that Blythe lied about him being a preemie. Blythe demands an apology. Bell leaves for some fresh air.

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Will screams for help. His eyes feel like they're on fire!

Chase and Adams brief House on the dangers of gangrene. The what? They look at the lung-clot picture and House announces that he breathed in a fungal spore. House has a new thing he wants to do to Will, but Adams is concerned that it will leave him deaf, thanks to a previous medication. House says it'll cure him.

Adams has been dispatched to give Will the news. She tells him there's a small chance he'll still have some hearing. Will refuses treatment.

Bell is in House's office. He apologizes for his lack of aplomb. House has him run through the other things that Blythe told him to say. House says he respected his father, although he didn't like him. Bell asks if he respects his mother. He assumes the answer is yes, calls him "Son," and says he'll see House at dinner.

Will in bed. Melissa is there. Will accurately guesses that Adams, who thinks he's an ass, has brought Melissa to convince him to live. She knows it won't work. She says she's made enough decisions for him. "Why'd you come back?" "Because I love you. And I wanna be with you for as long as I can." They are both scared. She promises she'd still love him if he was deaf.

Morning at PPCC. Will is responding well. His hearing is gone, but they don't know if it's permanent. His eyes are still bandaged. Melissa takes his hand and squeezes it once to indicate that it's her. He asks her to marry him. She takes her hands away completely. Then she says "Yes." He hears her, although he makes sure to verify that with her.

House barges into Wilson's office. He claims to have seen Wilson steal Bell's fork to check his DNA. Wilson fails to deny it. And he hasn't told House yet, which can only mean..."He isn't your father either." House looks at the chart. "You know what that means?" "Your mom's a slut?" Nice! Actually, it's that she's not as boring as House thought she was.

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