Low Winter Sun
Ann Arbor / Surrender

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We pick up an undetermined amount of time after Frank's tirade at the cam house. It's a gray and rainy morning in... whatever place this. Frank sits in the back of a squad car, chatting with the young cop behind the wheel. He offers driving advice, and how to deal with one's nerves, and, dude, if you ever want to murder another cop you should really plan that shit out! Frank notices that local police dispatch is rather more polite than its Detroit equivalent. From the way Frank talks, the young cop realizes that Frank is also a cop -- a detective, in fact. It's odd that he wouldn't have realized this sooner, given that they probably patted Frank down and found his badge and ID.

The cop's partner emerges from the house, where he's been interviewing all the people that Frank beat up and/or terrorized. The cops have been told to drive Frank all the way back to Detroit, like maybe Detroit is too cheap to pick up Frank themselves. Frank looks glum, but he always looks glum. He could be surrounded by fat, happy puppies on a bed made of rainbows and he would still look like the saddest man in the world. Happy puppies or death of his girlfriend, there's really no emotional difference. The only notable difference is that one of his eyes is very, very bloodshot. Cue opening credits.

After getting down, down, down with Bettye LaVette, we join Frank in his car as he's tooling around Detroit, listening to the radio. He just drives and listens, listens and drives. It's so... gripping. His eye is no longer bloodshot, which means this is taking place sometime later, or sometime earlier than the previous scene. There's a sort of surreal element to the scene, perhaps in the quality of light or something about the way because Frank seems unusually happy. He even laughs when the guy on the radio makes a joke about underpaid bus drivers deciding to drive into the river. He laughs harder when the guy rails about salary cuts in the city budget being responsible for turning cops dirty. Maybe he's having one of those "been there, done that" moments.

His journey takes him to the cemetery where Brendan McCann is buried. He calls Joe, but gets his voice mail. "They buried Brendan between two Polacks," he says. He thinks for a while, like he's writing in his diary instead of leaving a message for Joe. "I haven't eaten, I haven't slept. I feel like a god." Uh, okay, weirdo. When he's done with that, he checks his own messages. Trey the boxer has been trying to reach him. Frank apparently hasn't given Trey back his sweet, sweet ride. The last message is from Lieutenant Dawson: "Call me when you get this, no matter what time it is. We gotta talk, and we gotta talk now."

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Low Winter Sun




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