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Nick and Damon, meanwhile, have found a nice, quiet street where they can stuff Skelos and his driver into the trunk. Nick bumps Skelos's head against the bumper as they hoist him up. "Careful," Damon says. "He's already dead," Nick reminds him. "Just show some respect," says the guy who killed him. After that, they take the car to the junkyard where Gus works when he's not being a gangster. The plan is to crush the cars with the bodies still inside, then lie low in Flint for a few days. Like, anybody wouldn't automatically suspect Damon even if he's in another city? He might be even worse at planning murders than Frank and Joe.

Frank and Maya drive up to the county jail. It's much shinier and newer than any other place we've seen so far. Dawson is already out front blabbing to the press. Frank's lawyer says that Sean seems determined to stick to his confession. The only thing he's got going for him is that there's no physical evidence tying him to the murders. Billy Hobson's mother makes her way through the crowd. "Where is he?" she asks Dawson. "I'm tired of yelling, I just want an answer." With the cameras rolling, she waves around that photo of Damon that Frank gave her. "We ruled him out," Dani says. "That's not what he said," she says, pointing to Frank just as he joins the crowd. "Detective Agnew was wrong, that's all," Dawson says. "He said this is the man that killed my boy, and don't let anybody tell you different," she says. She begs Frank to tell the truth, but he just apologizes and walks past her. As people drag her away, she rails about this corrupt city of liars. "You need to burn this bitch down!" she shouts. Dani looks on in horror, because she's the only one of them with a sense of decency.

Maya visits with Sean, who's already clad in county green. "I'm just trying to understand why you're doing this," she says. "Because I did it," he laughs. She knows that's not true. They talk about their kids. Sean is still hurting over the fact that they didn't recognize him. "They thought I was some homeless child molester," he says. Maya wonders if Sean is doing this for her. "Frank thinks you're bailing out Damon for me," she says. "Frank is a liar who lies," Sean says. "He knows the truth about those murders." He seems quietly angry about this. Maybe he thought that doing this would force Frank to confess. Maybe he thought his friend would do the right thing. Maybe he's just feeling self-destructive, considering the downward trend of his life. Sean blows up at Maya, blaming her for his ruination, but it has the flavor of a man scaring off a friendly bear for its own good. He tells the guard he doesn't want any more visitors.

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