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When Joe gets home, his mom and daughter are watching the evening news. Mrs. Hobson's rant has gone viral. He tells his daughter to study hard so she can get far away from the city. Well, good news! Her mother called to say she wants April out of Detroit. He tells April she's better off with her mother. For once, the girl looks more hurt than sullen.

Maya gets home just as Damon calls her. "Skelos is dead," he says. She barely hears him. "Sean confessed to Billy Hobson's murder," she tells him. "That doesn't make any sense," Damon says. He wants to talk it over back home with Maya, but she doesn't want to see him. "You put my kids at risk," she reminds him. He asks her to just think about it, tells her that he loves her. She hangs up on him.

Frank should probably get himself to a hospital to check out his ticker, but he goes back home to have a few drinks and dismantle what remains of his McCann investigation. Between drinks, he listens to Katia's message on McCann's voicemail. He plays it and replays it, then finally deletes it. Joe walks in through the front door without knocking. "I should kill you," Frank says. "Probably," Joe agrees. Frank says that Sean fired his lawyer, like that's the end of the road and nothing else can be done. It might have been helpful to have, somewhere in this visit with Joe, a chat about just why Frank decided not to turn himself in. Because turning himself in? That would be the end of the road. Joe tells him that Boyd has called a meeting at the deputy mayor's office. "He's gonna lay out his version of the case," Joe says. "Do you even remember the last time you were a good cop?" Frank asks. For once, he doesn't sound self-righteous. He wonders the same himself. He blames himself for Katia's death, for Sean taking the fall for him. All the same, he plans to slip the phone into the evidence locker to further incriminate his friend.

Boyd is in fine form at the meeting with the deputy mayor the next morning. His suit and tie are a bit showier than usual, in pretty shades of blue, like a strutting bird ready to show off. He gets right to the point: "I believe an innocent man is in jail, and I believe Frank Agnew and Joe Geddes killed Brendan McCann." Alas, everyone is showing off with their bright blues today. Everyone is putting on a show. Joe is especially showy in his gleaming satin shirt. Frank says Boyd is delusional, but magnanimously allows him to present his case. He retraces everything we've seen, covers every detail, including Frank confessing that his girlfriend was an Eastern European prostitute. "I wore a wire," Dani says. Furthermore, she disappeared around the same time that McCann was murdered, and her bungalow was burned to the ground. "In case you haven't noticed, the city is looking for any excuse to blow itself up," the deputy mayor says. "Letting two cops get away with murder isn't going to help that," Boyd counters quite reasonably. He also reveals that Frank was about to flee to Germany before he was picked up in Ann Arbor.

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