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He gets his gun from the kitchen. "Go to your son," he says. "You shouldn't see this." He goes back to the living room, to the uncomfortable chair, and pushes the muzzle of the gun up under his jaw. She pleads with him, frantic to stop him. Man, if she thought he'd changed her house just by being in it, wait until his brains are all over the ceiling. Of all the selfish, awful things Frank has done, this one would have been the worst. But Susan manages to talk him down by offering to sit with him as he'd wanted. Slowly, he lowers the gun and calms down. He picks up again with that pool story he's determined to tell. "You know, it would be closing hour, and the pool would be empty. You would get up on the springboard and I would lie with my eyes closed. I could tell what kind of dive you were gonna do, by the sound of the water." He says he loves her. She says she knows.

Now we pick up where we started, with Frank in the back of the squad car. It rains all the back back to Detroit, or maybe it's just that storm clouds follow Frank wherever he goes. The cops from Ann Arbor un-cuff him and leave him on the front steps at HQ.

He goes inside, gets in the elevator with another cop. "You're Agnew, right?" the cop asks. He pats Frank on the back, and says, "Way to go, man." Presumably he's congratulating Frank on the Lady Belle trial, or maybe he's gotten wind of Frank calling around to tell people about corruption in the department. Either way, Frank looks surprised and more than a little confused.

When he walks into the bullpen, Dawson is there to greet him. "You're all right! Thank God!" He puts out his hand, which Frank shakes with growing confusion. Why is anybody happy to see him? Nobody should be happy to see him, least of all Charles Dawson. It's so surreal that I wondered if the majority of the episode were a dream sequence. Only Dani, sitting at her desk, looks appropriately mad at him. "He came in about an hour ago," Dawson is saying. "Joe's working him – not too much work." Joe comes out of the interview room, saying, "You missed the whole damn show, Frank." They have someone who's confessed to all three murders. "He knew all the details," Joe says. Up until the moment Frank opened the door, I thought it would be him in that room. Like this whole thing had been some kind of metaphysical or psychotic break with reality. But no. The man who's turned himself in his Sean Foster.

He's scribbled out his confession in a yellow notebook, which Frank looks over with growing disbelief. "I won't accept this," Frank says. "There's details in there that only the killer could know," Joe says. Frank could tell them that Sean's been at his house for days, looking over his files, but he doesn't. Instead, he demands to talk to Sean, which Dawson only grudgingly allows after Frank threatens to throw a tantrum.

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Low Winter Sun




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