Low Winter Sun
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Abandon All Hope and Friends
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Previously: Damon shot a young black man named Billy Hobson and took off with his drugs. Dani's investigation into Billy's death converged with Frank and Joe's fake investigation into Brendan McCann's death, and their real(ish) investigation into the death of a confidential informant named Anton "Butterball" Bobek. Frank paid a friendly visit to Maya at the International House of Gangsters, warning her that she needed to stop doing whatever she was doing. She had other problems, like her ex-husband Sean, who's also an ex-cop and current drug-addled vagrant. Lieutenant Dawson got all het up about needing the McCann case solved, while Frank shuffled his feet and pretended not to be a murderer. Damon let a gangster named Reverend Lowdown think that he was running his blind pig with the blessing of another gangster named Skelos.

Currently: Damon and his crew are on a walking tour of Detroit, somewhere near the water, going by raucous cawing of gulls. Or maybe the birds are just laughing at Gus, like Damon and the rest of the guys are doing. They think it's pretty funny, his having to make do with just the one hand, thanks to getting the other one dunked in boiling oil. They all laugh and point out the things he can do one-handed, like jerk off or blow his nose. He can still shoot a gun, too, but nobody mentions that, lest they foreshadow too much. Everyone thinks this is funny except for Gus. "Doc says I gotta rewrap this five times a day for the next two weeks," he grumps. "Damn infection if I wipe my ass wrong." This just makes everyone laugh even harder. "Man, y'all can suck it," he says. "I only suck guys with two hands," Michael says. "Something about a one-handed man's penis, it really kills the mood." It's nice how they're all gritty little gangsters, but use proper words when talking about genitalia. Even Nick cracks a smile. Gus has had enough: "At least I didn't get bitch-slapped in front of everybody." Everyone gets quiet, waiting to see how Damon's going to react. He stops walking, turns to Gus and says, "At least I can take a shit without dying." Everyone's like, "Whew!" They go back to laughing now that they know their fearless leader isn't going to erupt in another limb-boiling rage.

"Besides," Damon goes on as they walk into a butcher's shop, "we made five grand last night, so the old man can choke it!" The butcher greets them from the counter: "Damon and the Chicken Boys!" Somebody just found their new gang name! Damon, feeling prosperous, orders twice as much chicken as last time, as well as two whole pigs. While the butcher looks over his stock, Damon swipes a snow globe off the counter, unseen by all but a teenager of undetermined gender. He does pay for his order, though, with a promise to pick it up later. "Yo, I don't think blacks can eat pork," Gus says. "You're an idiot," Michael tell shim.

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Low Winter Sun




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