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The Thin Black & Blue Line

Meanwhile, Frank stews in some fluorescent-green diner, listening over and over to Katia's voicemail to McCann. Dani walks in and takes the stool beside him. "Jesus, what churned you up?" she asks when she gets a look at his bruised mug. "Sparring partner," he says. She tells him that the mayor wants the sketches made public. Frank doesn't seem quite as happy about that as Joe. They talk about Dani's trap-house case for a bit. She knows the prospects are grim. "No print match, no missing persons report... dead soul. The guy was forgotten before rigor set in." They drink their coffee in silence, just being grim together.

Instead of driving home like a sensible person would, Frank soon finds himself on the bridge to Canada. "I'm too far gone," the music says, right on the nose like a punch to Frank's face.

Tippi Blevins came to Detroit for the recaps, but stayed for the cheap mansions. Email her at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her @TippiB.

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Low Winter Sun




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