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The Thin Black & Blue Line

The International. Maya pours a cup of coffee for the guy I kept calling Steven last week, but whose name, it turns out, is actually Nick. "How's the job hunt going?" she asks. He just gives her a quick little shake of the head. His hands are still bandaged from his brief stint pulling copper. "Damon has work," Maya tells him. He looks like he'd rather eat his coffee cup. "I don't think Damon has anything I'm right for," he says. He pays for his coffee, even though Maya offers to give it to him at no charge. He leaves before she can push him about the job again.

Joe and Frank sit down with Skelos and his starchy lawyer. What follows is a dull dance where everybody tries to feel out where they stand. It's like watching any number of interrogation scenes from Supernatural, without the promise that someone in the room is going to turn into a monster that tries to eat everybody else. Even Skelos gets a bit bored and decides to cut to the chase: "You want to ask me about your fallen brother, Detective? I assume that's why I'm here." Frank asks him if he knew McCann, but Skelos is evasive. His lawyer hands over signed statements from his client's alibis over the last few days. "If there's any gaps, let my attorney know," Skelos says, as pleasant as can be. With that, he gets up from the table. "I admire you, doing such dangerous work for so little money," he says, then lays this little stink bomb just as he leaves: "Isn't that so, Joseph?" Frank shoots Death Glare Eyes at Joe...

...and all but drags him into the restroom. He locks the door behind them, like that's not going to seem at all weird to anybody who tries to go in there for a leak. "How deep do you go with this guy?" he asks. "I don't," Joe says. Frank doesn't believe him, which seems to surprise and irritate Joe because a totally upstanding person who never continually lies about stuff. "Prove you're clean," Frank tells him. "I can't prove anything past my word," Joe says. By now they're practically shouting at each other. Anybody passing by could easily hear them. "Did you take money from him?" Frank asks. "Everybody's got their hand out," Joe says. Frank can't deny that he's taken a hundred here or there, but he's not exactly worried about Boyd coming after him for it. Joe insists he's only guilty by association, from being McCann's partner. Then he reminds Frank that they're in this together. "If he's coming after me, then he's coming after you. So what's our play here?" Frank decides that they need to find out what Internal Affairs knows, and thinks the best way to find out is to rat out Joe. Joe looks intrigued rather than freaked right the hell out. Frank is, after all, the guy who came up with the dumbest parts of their murder plot.

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