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The Thin Black & Blue Line

Frank parks outside the burned-out husk of Katia's house so he can brood for a while. Speaking of burning, Joe is currently having the worst pee of his life as his pulverized kidney works its way down his urethra and into the toilet. Thanks for that bit of realism, AMC. His mama patches up some of his bruises and stuffs him with pain meds. "It's time for you to start thinking about a new career," she says. "Or take that boat of yours and sail somewhere safe." She puts a few strips of tape on his side that can't possibly have any sort of palliative effect, except perhaps for her own peace of mind. She tells him to get out of the city, because all it does is take, take, take. "Look what it did to poor Brendan," she says. Joe looks thoughtful and pained.

Frank gets his fill of brooding in and drives over to McCann's memorial service. To his surprise, Boyd is among the city's black-clad finest. "You're bold," he says. "Every police officer pays tribute to a dead cop," Boyd reminds him. For some reason, they talk about Boyd's father's flower shop down the block, which burned down three years ago. As titillating as the conversation is, Frank starts to walk off without Boyd. "You questioned Alexander Skelos," Boyd calls after him. "Yeah, he was an associate of [Butterball]," Frank says, "and Brendan, allegedly." Boyd's got his knickers in a twist because Frank didn't talk to him about it first. Frank plays like he wouldn't have stepped on Boyd's toes if he'd known what Boyd was working on. He tries to use it as an entree into getting a look at Boyd's files, but Boyd knows the game Frank is playing. He also lets Frank know he thinks a corrupt cop killed McCann. He watches carefully for Frank's reaction, but for once he manages not to look blatantly guilty.

Thankfully, we don't have to sit through the memorial service, and cut straight to the wake at the local cop bar. Everybody raises a toast to McCann, which involves putting their badges into their beers before drinking. Dawn and Hernandez live outside the city, it turns out, and Frank argues that you have to live in the city to know it. He starts: "If you don't know it..." Joe finishes: "...you can't protect it." They finish each other's sentences. Maybe they really are married. Joe notices Boyd standing by himself in a corner, like the awkward kid at his first school dance. He starts to go over there to have some words, but Dawson warns him away.

Dani and Frank kind of bud off from the rest of the group. "Are we going to meet Katia tonight?" Dani asks. "No, we split," Frank says. Dani makes sounds of consolation, but Frank makes like he ended the relationship. Now that he knows Katia's alive, he's probably wishing he hadn't flushed her necklace down the commode like it was part of Joe's urinary tract.

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Low Winter Sun




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