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The Thin Black & Blue Line

Elsewhere in town, work continues apace on Damon's new enterprise. It's actually looking... well, not nice, exactly, but slightly less than completely horrible and desolate. That's a huge improvement over its original state. His crew is upset with his decision to bring in Nick. They say he's not right in the head, that he's been crazy since long before he went to Afghanistan, but what exactly is these guys' barometer for crazy? Pretty much everything they've been doing and continue to do is guaranteed to get them killed at some point. And of course they're having this argument right in front of Nick, who's just hammering stuff and looking like the saddest puppy ever.

At the wake, Boyd has finally found some other nerds to hang out with in the corner. Joe, Frank and the rest of the department continue to grumble about his presence. "He's here to disrupt and upset," Joe says into his whiskey. "No respect, man." Frank cuts him off before he can launch into a maudlin tirade. "He's here to remind us where Brendan went and why." Frank eulogizes their fallen comrade thusly: "He was a drunk, an addict... he whored, stole evidence and took bribes. He was violent, corruptible, weak. He deserved punishment. He deserved prison, but he didn't deserve this." He glares at Joe as he says the last bit. Or maybe he's just glaring in general. It's kind of hard to tell because he has one of those permanently miserable faces. It's like Kristen Stewart, but with Muppet eyebrows.

Skelos drops by the International to chat with Maya. "Damon doesn't like you inside," she says when she sees him coming through the front doors. "Damon doesn't own the business," Skelos reminds her. "Is your ex-husband not on the deed?" She looks like she wants to say something to that, but bites her tongue. Make note of the ex-husband foreshadowing for later, I guess. Skelos pours them both a drink over Maya's protest and tells her he won't be by for a few weeks. "That business with the dead officer, and other setbacks, require that I slow down," he says. "I slow down, you slow down. No product, no girls out of the bar." He wants her word on this, and Damon's as well. "No dope, no trim out of the bar," she swears. Later, when Skelos inevitably catches Damon and/or Maya at the pig, they're going to try to wriggle free on semantics.

Frank visits Boyd at Internal Affairs. Presumably this is the day after the wake, but time feels like an insubstantial thing on this show, with days blurring together. Whether this is intentional or someone just didn't feel like making establishing transition shots, I don't know. They go over the security video from McCann's house again while Boyd wonders about the sink or toilet in which he was drowned. It seems like the logical place to start would be the restaurant, but perhaps Boyd is enjoying the hunt too much to rush things. "Did he meet with Joe Geddes knowing we intended to arrest him?" he wonders. "You think Joe dismembered [Butterball], and then set Brendan up as a suicide?" Frank asks. Frank thinks about it, and then decides Joe's not a murderer. Boyd hands him a thick binder of photographs and phone records. Pictures show Joe chatting with Skelos. The records hint at a burner phone, but one wasn't found in the house. Frank took it, but he can't say that. Instead, he implies that Joe may have gone to McCann's house sometime before the car was found in the river. Boyd practically wriggles with delight. "Why do you trust me?" Frank asks. "I distrust you the least," Boyd corrects him.

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