Low Winter Sun
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The Thin Black & Blue Line

Down in the pig's basement, away from prying eyes, Damon and Michael are free to have a little spat. Damon is ticked about Michael speaking out against him in front of the others. Michael remains firm in his anti-Nick stance. "I don't wanna sit around, thumb up my ass, playing catch-up," he says. "You worry like a bitch, you know that?" Damon tells him. It's said affectionately, though, and they both have a chuckle. "My worry saves your ass," Michael reminds him. Damon doesn't argue with that, but he doesn't budge, either. He's in the middle of portioning out some coke when the lights flicker out. Gus comes downstairs with flashlights and notices a smell like burnt toast. It's the wiring, they realize. "We're gonna need generators," Michael says. "From the hardware store?" Gus asks. "Nah, we're gonna boost them," Michael says. "From the hardware store?" Gus tries again. Hee. Everyone's standing around, wondering where to go, when Nick suddenly pipes up. "I know where to go."

Damon drives up outside a construction site. Or perhaps it's deconstruction, given the city's overall lack of prosperity. "Who do I talk to?" he asks. Nick points out the guy who's got the keys. Damon, Michael and a couple other guys pour out of the Challenger like it's a clown car at the circus. Everybody but Nick pulls on balaclavas and grabs a metal pipe. Apparently, when Damon said "talk" he really meant "beat to a pulp." Nick remains in the back seat, squeezing his eyes shut against the violence.

Frank and Joe catch up over the latest, but first they argue over which of two seemingly identical hot dog places to eat. American or Lafayette? Frank pushes for American and wins. Presumably this is of great importance to Detroit folks. He tells Joe about Boyd's photographs. Surprisingly, Joe is able to continue eating. The only bit of good news Frank has is that Boyd thinks McCann died after he left the house. "He's gonna want you to account for your time," Frank says. "What's your alibi?" Joe thinks and says, "I was scrubbing Brendan's computer." Frank very nearly cracks a smile. "Yeah, think of something better." They also talk about the International, of which Boyd also had pictures. "Is she into any of this?" Frank asks. Joe lies and says that Brendan only hung out there because he liked the coffee and Maya's ass. He can't bring Maya and Damon into this without Damon flipping on Skelos, who won't go down without also bringing down Joe. He wants to frame someone for McCann's death, but Frank insists that nobody else will pay for what they did. Instead, he plans to bring in a veritable parade of people to question until the case just finally goes cold.

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Low Winter Sun




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