Low Winter Sun

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Welcome to Detroit! Try Not to Die.

They start Brendan's car, hoist the back end with a jack, get out of the way, then send the dead man speeding towards the water. The car bubbles and sinks as the killers stand at the water's edge, looking after their handiwork.

After the opening credits, we join Frank in his bathroom as he finishes up his morning ablutions. He looks at himself in the foggy mirror, notices that his hands are shaking. He goes to iron his shirt, like he's not stressed enough following the murder, now he also has to iron. He gets dressed and clips a policeman's badge to his belt. It probably feels like it weighs a ton after last night. He goes outside and stands in the middle of his front yard, in the middle of his shithole neighborhood. The houses across the street are so dilapidated, they're practically mulch at this point.

We go next to another neighborhood, this one far more upscale than Frank's. The buildings here, too, are falling apart, but they're still structurally sound enough to function as crack houses. Two men sit in a car outside the ritziest house on the block (only half its windows are boarded up) and fidget impatiently. "You think McCann got cold feet?" the guy in the passenger seat asks. "After six months paying him off, he better hope not," says the driver. "I don't care if he is a cop." He looks like a thuggier version of Chris Kluwe, with just a touch of ferret. Two guys pull up in a truck. They all get together for a confab, because they're apparently all in the same operation. "Did you find Brendan McCann or what?" Driver asks. "There's no sign of him," one of the truck guys says. Everybody's tense, but Driver is ambitious and decides he's not going to wait for McCann. "Michael, come on," he says to his passenger.

He tells Michael to wait outside and keep an eye out for cops while he avails himself of the Ritz's fine amenities. A man with cornrows and creative facial hair greets him at the door, and gets punched in the face with a gun for his troubles. Michael, hearing the ruckus, comes running to see what's going on. He finds his buddy beating on the cornrow guy, demanding to know where he's hidden the stash. Mr. Cornrows scoffs: "You know who that belongs to? There's gonna be repercussions!" Nonetheless, Michael finds the trash bag of treasure and begs his buddy to get out of there. He's shocked when his buddy shoots Mr. Cornrows twice in the chest, and then once in the head for good measure.

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Low Winter Sun




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