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Welcome to Detroit! Try Not to Die.

When Frank makes his way to the lieutenant's office, Joe is already there and offering helpful suggestions. "Why don't I just drive over to Brendan's place and drag him out of bed by his balls?" Stuffy little Simon Boyd joins them and says, with some amount of glee, that he knows Brendan isn't home. "That not-on-a-cop's-salary McMansion that Brendan lives in? It's got security cameras." He waggles a disk of the footage from the last 12 hours. Everyone looks kind of nervous.

Boyd and Frank watch the video together. As it plays, Frank controls the narrative. He says he dropped Brendan off at home, and then Joe followed in Brendan's car and left it in the driveway. At the same time, we see the flashback to what really happened, which is that Frank, in a bulky coat, pretended to be Brendan. As Brendan, he went inside, waited a couple hours, then staggered back into "his" car and drove away. Frank pretends to be surprised. The footage is grainy enough to hide their deception; he could have passed for Big Foot as easily as Brendan McCann.

Back at the International, Hard-Livin' Jennifer Morrison meets a sharp-dressed older man in the alley behind the bar. She hands him a thick envelope. "Don't want me inside?" he teases. "Just saving you the bother," she says. Presumably this is the aforementioned Old Man. His middle name must be Lecherous, judging by the way he's looking at her bosom. Her hubby drives up just as the Old Man gets back into his chauffeured Cadillac. Hubby puts a protective and/or possessive arm around his wife's shoulders as they watch the Old Man drive away. "Is he sniffing around about the coke?" he asks as they head back inside. "Yeah, but he played like it was for protection money," she says. They're in kind of a tight spot because McCann was supposed to take the Old Man down and now they think he's double-crossed them.

At HQ, Joe is telling the lieutenant he's worried that he'll be guilty by association with Brendan McCann. And by "telling," I mean shouting and flailing and putting on a good show that everyone in Detroit can hear through the office doors. Finally, the lieutenant quiets him down. "I have watched seven chiefs get investigated out of office since I been a cop," he says, "and I have survived every scam and trap that this job can spring." He plans to stay long enough to move into his new office. That's three years away, by his count, which translates into... how many seasons of this show? "I'm not about to let your partner bring me down," he says.

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Low Winter Sun




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