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Welcome to Detroit! Try Not to Die.

The International. While the thugs huddle together for a meeting of the minds, Hard-Livin' Jennifer Morrison notices a young man sitting at the bar. With trembling hands, he shreds a piece of paper into confetti. "So how come you never talk to Damon and them?" she asks, referring to her husband and his associates. "You just say 'hey' and sit by yourself. What gives?" She stills his hands with her own, but he gingerly pulls away. He shrugs off her question, so she tries another: "You workin' at all?" Wait, you mean thugs gotta have a day job, too? Crime really doesn't pay. He says he's on psych disability from the Army. He'll probably end up the sanest person on the show.

Michael and Damon move away from the other thugs to chat in private. Michael's worried about the Old Man, but Damon insists he doesn't know anything. Still... "Maybe I should have put a bullet in him when I was 12," he muses. "You're telling me this isn't all about that?" Michael asks. Damon thinks about his backstory some more and sends Michael off to look for Brendan McCann.

Boyd is in the middle of questioning Frank about whether or not he and Joe are friends when his assistant interrupts. Frank surreptitiously watches on the monitor as the two discuss the assistant's findings. He's been poking through Brendan's computer without luck because the hard drive has been wiped clean beyond all hope of recovery. This seems to be news to Frank.

In the bullpen, the detective who isn't Andrea from Supernatural answers her phone: "Khalil." She listens for a while, her expression growing serious. "Are you sure it's his?" she asks. When the call is over, she turns to her fellow detectives to deliver the news: "They found Brendan's car in the water off the Del Rey boat launch; there's a body inside." Frank and Joe give each other shifty looks.

The detectives get down to the river to meet with uniformed cops and divers already on the scene. Khalil has been talking to one of the divers. "They say the body's handcuffed to the steering wheel," she tells Joe and the others. Joe acts shocked. "So, what, somebody murdered him?" he asks. "Or there's the possibility of a determined suicide," Boyd offers. Charles tries to shoo him away, but Boyd is sticking around. Such a heap of manure is far too enticing to this buzzing little fly. Frank is last on the scene, pulling up just as the tow truck and drivers are attaching lines to the submerged car. Joe leans into Frank's window and whispers, "'Possible determined suicide' -- Boyd's exact words." Joe congratulates him on a job well done, but Frank is pissed. "You wiped his computer," he says. "You knew IA was after him. You knew he'd give you up because you're as dirty as he is." He yanks Joe towards him by the lapel of his coat. Khalil watches this from some distance away. Frank goes on about how Brendan didn't know enough about computers to wipe the hard drive. Joe doesn't admit or deny it. He may do well in politics someday. Khalil interrupts to say the lieutenant wants them.

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Low Winter Sun




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