Low Winter Sun

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Welcome to Detroit! Try Not to Die.

While the trucks pull out the car, Joe takes another chance to slip in a little more backstory. "Rat squad," he says to Boyd, as if the idea is just now occurring to him. "Last night, Brendan was talking about how today was gonna be a big day, and how the rats were all over him." He embellishes the story further, saying, "'I can't keep the rats off me! I would rather drown!'" Frank is just joining them, looking like he might need to vomit again pretty soon. Boyd seems a wee bit skeptical, but by now the car is up and waiting for their inspection. Frank confirms that the bluish gray, bloated body inside the car is Brendan. Less than 12 hours and he looks like he's been in there for 12 days. What is in that water? From down the street, Michael keeps an eye on the proceedings with a pair of binoculars. Damon joins him, but Michael hasn't gotten a clear view of the body with all the cops around. "You don't really think the Old Man killed McCann, do you?" he wonders. "He's old-school." Because old-school mobsters don't kill people? What? Michael seems to think it's beyond the Old Man to kill a cop, which I don't get at all, but whatever. Damon takes the binoculars and focuses on Frank for a moment, possibly recognizing him. Then he sees Brendan McCann's body as it's taken from the car.

As Brendan's body is hauled off to the coroner's office, Charles and his snazzy hat are having a hard time coming up with a next-of-kin. Joe, Frank, Khalil and the lieutenant are wearing color-coordinated outfits. Is there some symbolic significance to this, or does the show's wardrobe person just like purple and gray? The four of them are walking away when a cop calls them back. "There's somebody in the trunk! Looks like they were butchered." Everyone heads over for a look, except Frank, who hangs back a bit. "I don't know if I can look at this," he says. Khalil files that away for later. Frank holds his breath while Joe takes a look under the tarp. "Unidentified male," Joe calls out to the others. "Head, hands, feet… all of them removed." The lieutenant is reeling almost as much as Frank, although for completely different reasons. "Screw the blue code of silence," Charles says to Frank. "If Joe Geddes is doing Brendan's dirty work, I need to know." He tasks Frank with keeping an eye on Joe.

As Frank wanders over to see the body for himself, Khalil opens her mental file. "What did you mean when you didn't know if you could look at this?" she asks. Frank gets his hackles up. "Jesus, Dani, can you turn it off just for a minute?" She flinches from that craziness, but files it away for later, too.

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Low Winter Sun




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