Low Winter Sun

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Welcome to Detroit! Try Not to Die.

Music plays over the closing montage. News crews arrive on the scene. Frank stands around looking serious. Joe smokes a cigarette and looks cool. Damon drives to another part of the river and throws his gun into it. Katia's necklace is like, "And all I got was the toilet." At the bar, the unemployed psych case shreds more paper. The Old Man hangs around outside, sensing a shift in power as two of Damon's thugs walk by and look upon him without fear. Frank stares over the gray water, under a gray sky, in the gray city. No strobe lights here.

So, that's the first episode. I haven't seen the original set in Scotland, so I don't know how it compares. Both star Mark Strong as Frank, but the original was wrapped up in two, 90-minute episodes. Is the story sustainable for 10 episodes and beyond, or will we the viewers be crushed under the characters' and the city's despair? Add your thoughts below.

Tippi Blevins is just a visitor to Detroit. Email her at b_tippi@yahoo.com, or find her @TippiB.

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Low Winter Sun




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