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Gone Baby Gone
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Previously: No matter how many times Damon got dunked in Joe's urine, he refused to confess to murder charges. When he tried to cut a deal, Joe went batshit crazy on him. Frank bought a sandwich for the most boring homeless guy in Detroit. It turned out that Joe attacked Damon on Skelos's orders, because Damon had information about that would incriminate the Greek gangster. Simon Boyd was the only one who began to suspect that Joe and Frank had murdered their fellow detective, Brendan McCann, even though they were practically waving giant banners declaring their guilt. Frank went looking for his hooker ex-girlfriend Katia, despite being warned that doing such a thing would end badly for everyone involved. In between all the murdering and looking for hookers, Joe and Frank were also getting ready for the Lady Belle trial, which is apparently a super big deal even though it's barely been mentioned. Like we can spend five minutes on Sean's dental problems, and not two minutes on this upcoming trial.

But on to what's happening this week.

Frank practices his testimony in the mirror as he knots his tie. "Andre Murray confessed to me before he died. He confessed to me on his deathbed. Detective Joe Geddes witnessed the confession. We worked the case together." He peers at his reflection and adds, "Asshole." Whether he's speaking to himself or voicing his opinion of Joe, the word fits. "Andre Murray confessed, gave up his accomplice Benjamin Cole; Benjamin Cole tortured and killed Elizabeth Cooper, Lady Belle. She was 14 years old."

This segues into Joe Geddes talking to his 14-year-old daughter about the case as they drive by the spot where the victim was abducted. "Family figured she ran away, so they never reported her missing," he says. "Gave them more time to neglect the other three, I guess." April scowls at him, because that's her default setting. "So you're telling me I got it good," she guesses. While he's driving, he notices that a car is following him, and doing kind of a shitty job of hiding the fact. Joe blathers on about how awful the city is, and how you can't raise children there. April starts tuning out, so he taps her on the arm. "This is me," he says, "reflecting on how good I have it, with you here." She scoffs and rolls her eyes. Dads are soooo dramatic.

The whole time Frank's been getting ready for his court appearance, he's had his laptop open to the Loretta's Lair website so that he can continue to spy on Katia. He watches her read a magazine for a while, then phones up his friend Cable. "I need you to set up a firewall," he tells him. "I want you to tell me who visits the site, anyone from the 313." Cable, who's trying to get to work without being hounded by psycho stalkers, points out that a porno cam website is going to have a lot of traffic to monitor. Frank gives him a specific IP address to look out for, which will be useless if the user has a dynamic address. But maybe he already knows ahead of time that this isn't the case. "Who am I ghosting, Frank?" Cable asks. "Just track it," Frank says, and hangs up. No "thanks" or offers of sporting event tickets this time. Frank is a jerk.

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