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Gone Baby Gone

Joe Geddes has taken Lieutenant Dawson up to the roof to have a little chitchat. "Why do I have a tail?" he asks, pacing like an agitated pigeon. Dawson claims not to know. Furthermore, he doesn't want to know. "I don't need to get mixed up in all your trouble," he says. The real question is how can Joe be so surprised? Internal Affairs is investigating him! He should be surprised if they didn't tail him! "If Boyd takes me down, you're next," Joe says. "No, it don't work that way," Dawson says. Joe rattles off a list of murder victims that he and Brendan cleared as suicides – signed off by Dawson himself. Dawson laughs like he's going a little bit crazy and sighs, "Only in Detroit!" He goes to stand by the roof's ledge, foreshadowing, perhaps, events that happen later in the episode. "I signed off to hide the bad work that Brendan did," Joe says. "But you signed off for what, to cover your clearance stats?" Dawson wheels around on him. "I signed off because I trusted you, you sociopath son of a bitch!" Joe lays out his demands, starting with getting Dani to back off of Damon. Dawson is confused, because Joe was the one who pushed so hard for Damon. The truth finally dawns on him. Sweat beads up on his forehead. He looks like he's going to throw up or maybe throw himself off that roof. "Oh, my God," he mutters. "Oh... my... God." Joe just looks at him, admitting his murderous guilt with the unwavering intensity of his stare.

Sean has apparently spent the whole trip to Frank's house whining, and he doesn't let up for our sake. God, his nasally droning... it's like Ray Romano with a kazoo. "It hurts all over! I'm telling you, I gotta get this rot out of me!" Maybe his tooth decay is symbolic of Frank's moral decline – he needs a root canal of the soul. Frank shouts at him to see the dentist, but Sean just mopes. "I'll make you some food," Frank says. "I can't move my mouth to chew," Sean whimpers. So Frank goes to the kitchen and comes back with a pair of pliers. Sean freaks the hell out, of course, so Frank has to chase him through the house and knock him to the floor. After a bit of wrestling and much screaming, Frank yanks out Sean's tooth. Then, for good measure, he shows it to us, so now none of us will want to eat anything.

Frank returns to the courthouse to find Dani waiting outside for him. "Dawson's pushing me off Damon," she says. "He has me chasing Michael Drake!" Frank pretends to think it over for a good long while, then says, "Drake's valid." Dani can't believe what she's hearing. "You know it's Damon," she says. "No, I don't know," Frank says. "Callis would be in lockup right now if it weren't for Joe losing it," she says, all but chasing after him as he heads into court. "But Joe did lose it," Frank says. "So what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna moan about it because it didn't go your way? You're being lazy!" He rails at her for not exhausting all the leads, and she stands there looking stung. "Do your job before you bitch about how Dawson does his," Frank snits. So Dani takes out her gun and pistol-whips the smug right off of his face. Or maybe she just stares in disbelief as he stomps away like the big brat that he is.

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Low Winter Sun




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