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Gone Baby Gone

In the break room at work, Dani and Frank stare at each other for a long, awkward time. Just when it looks like he's going to keep right on being his jerky self, he makes a sheepish face and sort of apologizes. He even makes her a cup of tea. "You should work your case the way you see best," he says. "I gotta do due diligence," Dani says. "Dawson was right – you were right." No, he wasn't. But whatever. They talk about the Lady Belle trial for a bit while Dani makes wistful eyes at him. Frank says he has to get back to court, but Dani wants to extol Frank's virtues for a while, saying his work on that case inspired her, and how good he is, and then they talk about Katia and Frank breaking up, like there isn't an important murder trial waiting for him right now. Hopefully she's pressing him for reasons other than her own pining heart. "How'd you two meet?" she asks. "She worked the casinos," he says. Dani gets a look on her face like she realizes Frank's not saying Katia was a blackjack dealer. He gets a call from Cable and excuses himself. "Dude, this is royally screwed," his nerdy friend says. "That IP address hasn't logged on since you were tracking it, but man, Frank, you've hit that site dozens of times!" Frank lowers his voice for once, explaining, "She's a CI, I'm protecting her." Cable disabuses him of that notion, saying, "Frank, somebody is watching you watch her! You gave someone a road map straight to her!" Frank looks super duper shocked, even though this is exactly what he was told would happen.

"Are you obsessed?" Pierce asks him in court. Frank is busy obsessing over Katia, so he doesn't hear the question. "Excuse me?" he asks. Pierce paints him as an obsessive who took years to solve the Lady Belle case, and found the killer a year after it went cold. "The city pays me for my obsession," Frank says, twitching in his seat. "But can't obsession make you see what's not there?" Pierce asks. My God! It's like he's been watching the show! Pierce goes on for a while, railing about how the suspect had no motive to confess, but Frank is already speeding towards Chicago in his mind. The second the cross is over, Frank bolts from the courthouse. Tim follows after him, once again extolling his virtues. "Where the hell is Joe Geddes?" Frank asks, eyes scanning over the crowd. He grabs Tim by his jacket and gives him a shake. "Easy, Frank! He had a family emergency in Chi Town." It doesn't seem particularly smart of Joe to tell people he's going to Chicago, but whatever. If these people were smart, the whole series would have been over six episodes ago.

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Low Winter Sun




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