Low Winter Sun
The Goat Rodeo

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Playing House

As Frank drives, the sound of the helicopter follows him. He thinks again of his morning in bed with Katia, telling her he wants to know everything about her. He shakes off the memory as he pulls up in front of McCann's house. Luckily, he didn't run over anybody while he was lost in his reverie. Boyd starts to follow him inside, but Frank warns him off, telling him to wait outside. "Do you duck hunt, Detective?" Boyd calls after him. By now, Joe has arrived and joins Frank in fixing Boyd with an exasperated glare. "It's my hobby," Boyd explains. "It relaxes me." Then he shifts gears, but not really: "I have an open investigation." This is meant to convince the duck-tectives to allow him inside, but it does no such thing.

To Joe's surprise, Frank doesn't want him inside, either. "You need to go home," Frank says. "You're too close." Joe looks like he wants to argue his case with much scenery-chewing gusto, but not with Boyd so close by. He looks to Dawson, but he's handed over all case decisions to Frank. "Go home," Frank says again. "Change your clothes, take a nap... whatever you gotta do." Come up with new metaphors about strobe lights, practice some dramatic monologues, etc. Joe stews in silence, watching as his coworkers disappear beyond his ability to control the narrative. Cut to the opening credits and Bettye LaVette singing, which may be my favorite thing about the series so far.

Inside McCann's surprisingly bright and airy house, everyone sets about their duties. Dani finds an entire Hobby Lobby's worth of unfinished mirrors on the coffee table, each sporting traces of coke and other mystery substances. Detective Hernandez looks over a wall of commendations. One from the Board of Police Commissioners spelled McCann's name wrong; prop department error or bureaucratic verisimilitude? Dawson finds a roll of cash in the kitchen and trades shocked looks with Frank.

Frank picks up a framed photo of Brendan and two men on a fishing trip, and shakes his head. "How much do you think this place cost?" Frank asks Dani, who's just walked up beside him. She looks around and guesses, "I dunno...a hundred-fifty? Hundred seventy-five?" Wow. That is quite a bargain. Frank stands around looking lost and sad, as he seems to be wont to do, so Dani takes the opportunity to apologize for asking that totally normal and innocent question down by the docks. Franks says he had accused Joe of being dirty, and that's why Dani saw them fighting. Dani looks like maybe she doesn't believe him, but doesn't say anything.

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Low Winter Sun




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