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In McCann's garage, Frank finds a hacksaw pretty much right out in the open. It's almost as if someone left it there to be found! As he bags it up, Dawson catches up to him. "You're not seriously buying Boyd's 'determined suicide' BS, are you?" he asks. "I don't know," Frank says. "If it was me, and I was this bent... maybe killing myself would be a good way out." Dawson points out that it's a bit odd that McCann would go through all the trouble of hacking apart a body and stuffing it into his car only to then kill himself. Frank doesn't have anything to counter that, so he changes the subject: "You know Boyd let tried to me know he could wait us out by professing his deep love of duck hunting?" Dawson laughs at the thought of prissy Boyd hunting anything.

Max from Living Single explores upstairs, nearly stepping on a rabbit as she does so. Like, a real rabbit hopping around doing real, rabbit things. Dani has already found the rabbit's fuzzy brethren, hopping around in various cages. Dani and the other detective look at each other and laugh like they can't believe this crazy shit. Meanwhile, I'm over here worrying about what's going to happen to these fictional rabbit characters. Is someone going to adopt them? Are they going to the bunny pound? Do they get stashed in the evidence locker? Screw Frank and Joe's drama! I gotta know what becomes of the rabbits!

Frank tears through Brendan's bedroom, as much for the investigation as for his own need to discover what happened to Katia. He finds a burner cellphone and checks the voice mail. "Hey, Brendan, it's Katia," the voice on the recording says. There's a pause and then: "Yes." The recording ends after that, leaving Frank to wonder why his girlfriend would be saying "yes" to anything McCann had asked her.

He heads over to Katia's house, hopefully after giving some plausible explanation to his coworkers regarding his departure. He stands in her bedroom, staring at the bloodstain on the wall. Looking past the spray of blood, the wallpaper is adorable, as are the two itty-bitty chandeliers on either side of the bed. While Frank braises in the hot gravy of his own despair, I collect decorating ideas for my boudoir. He has a flashback to Joe showing him the blood and telling him that he saw McCann shoot her. Judging by Joe's outfit, this took in the daylight hours before they killed McCann.

In an abandoned factory that looks too grimy even for a monster hangout on Supernatural, several men labor at freeing the old copper pipes from the walls. One of these men is Steven, the paper-shredder who got a psych discharge from the Army. When he's done, he stares at his bloodied hands and struggles not to cry. He looks so young and so broken, and so effortlessly devastated, that he makes the melodrama of the other characters seem downright garish. His boss hands him some money for his day's work.

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Low Winter Sun




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