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The Goat Rodeo

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Playing House

"That's not right," Steven says. "I told you I wasn't giving you no money per pound," the boss says. "It's five bucks an hour." He says it like he thinks this is quite generous. "I don't like people jerking me off," Steven says, dropping the bills. He gets to his feet and grabs a crowbar like he's going to start walloping someone. But he keeps calm and explains that he's been underpaid by half an hour. That he has to argue for the measly $2.50 is kind of breaking my heart over here. In the end, the boss stands firm and Steven, defeated in more than one way, has to collect his money off the floor where he dropped it.

It seems that Frank didn't properly excuse himself from McCann's house, because the second he returns to the bullpen Dawson is all, "Where the hell have you been?" Frank says he stopped off to get a hotdog, topped off with a relish made of lies! "Chief already called for an update three times," Dawson says. "All I can do is work the case," Frank says. Dawson stomps back to his office in an impotent huff. Joe and Dani watch these from their desks. Joe says he feels bad for Dawson, because a proven suicide will mean a forced retirement for him. This makes Joe and Frank even bigger jerks, right? Killing McCann is one thing, but ruining a (so far seemingly) decent person's career is another.

Joe gets a call on his cell, looks at the number and chooses not to answer. Dawson stomps back into the bullpen. "By the way," he says to the detectives, "Chief also says I.A. have traction; Boyd will be at that autopsy." While everyone nurses their toes, Dani gets a call about another dead body. Dawson assigns Dani and Hernandez, as well as Joe, but Joe says he'll have to meet them there later. Frank shoots death-beams out of his eyes, nearly leveling the entire floor. Oddly enough, nobody seems to notice.

The reason that Joe is running late to this new crime scene is that he has to stop off at the International. Luckily, the place doesn't have any actual customers, so he's free to talk to Damon out in the open without fear of witnesses. "You need to lose my number," Joe says. "I'm just checking to see if you have any suspects," Damon says. But Joe is too busy ogling Maya, sure that he recognizes her from somewhere. Finally, it hits him: "Hey, didn't you used to be--" She cuts him off: "Yeah." Her tone doesn't invite further reminiscing, so Joe turns back to Damon. "You do not call me," he says. "Was it Skelos?" Damon asks. Joe gets up to leave without answering, but Damon is persistent.

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Low Winter Sun




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